Mini Posts

Build Trust

PVsell helps you build trust and rapport. PVsell is cloud-based software that can be used on any device. So you can answer customers questions before their very eyes. This increases your level of trustability, so they will naturally open up more. Building rapport and trust is an essential ingredient in closing the sale.

Increase customer satisfaction & referrals

PVsell helps your customer choose. You can quickly and easily present multiple options to them for them to compare and choose. When they are involved in the choice, they are more likely to believe it was a good one (as opposed to the option recommended by the self-interested salesperson)… and thus they will be happier and more likely to generate referall business for you. Calculating the answers before their eyes also enhances their degree of trust and regard, which increases your chance of closing the sale.

Convince the Bean Counters

Convert the gate-keeper into a believer: No matter how much trust and report you’ve built with the business owner, the accountant often has the final say. Our cashflow datasheet will convince the bean counter of the merits of solar. We also provide you resources to help you demonstrate why the calculations are the most accurate you’ll see inthe market.

Cover Letter to Product Literature

PVsell creates beautiful sales proposals for you. What wins you work is YOU convincing your customer that you represent the best value – someone they can trust to meet their needs. PVsell’s accurate calculation engine provides a convincing reason for your customers to invest in PV, and our Proposal Builder helps you shine as the best company to buy from. Bind together your introductory letter, cover page, About Us, Panel & Inverter information, financial calculations, testimonials, data sheets, warranty, and contract – all into one document. (Coming soon: track when your customer opens and downloads your proposals)

Speak your customers’ language

PVsell helps you speak the language your customer understands: payback, bill reduction, energy savings, and return on investment. As a solar salesperson you understand kW, orientation, pitch, shading, consumption, and you’ve read hundreds of electricity bills in your time, but performing the calculations of payback etc is complex and involved. Thankfully PVsell allows you to quickly enter information in the language you speak, and PVsell then translates it into the language your customer understands.

Pick n Mix

Win the job with precise responses to customers purchasing motivations. We’ve found most customers are driven to buy PV for a few common reasons. PVsell enables you to create proposals that address these motivations by answering your customers questions on payback, long-term financial outcome, bill saving, etc. In PVsell, you select the charts you want to incorporate into your proposal, where they sit, and the text and imagery that surrounds them. PVsell helps you win work because the best way to close sales on the spot is instantly addressing your customers questions and quickly overcoming their objections. In PVsell the …


PVsell gets faster the more you use it. As you enter information, you can choose to save it to your library for later re-use. So when creating a proposal for a new customer you can load consumption profiles, system pricing, and billing information from your library, enter the customer specific details, and bind together a profile using an existing template. You’re given a head-start from the outset: a lot of consumption profiles and Proposal content is provided by PVsell to you out-of-the-box.That’s why PVsell can churn out tailored proposals soooo fast.