History of PVsell

PVsell started off as a not-so-humble spreadsheet. When SunWiz launched in 2008, one of the first tools we sold was a financial calculating spreadsheet for the premium net feed-in tariffs. Funnily enough I avoided economics in High School and Uni, but I’m glad I took Energy Economics in my masters degree, because economics is what sells solar.

After two years of good customer interest in the spreadsheet, enough momentum had built to transform  PVsell into the cloud.
Though I love Excel, many people hate spreadsheets, which are hard to use, hard to keep updated, and hard to control usage of. The cloud based PVsell was exactly what the market called for. We quickly gained a lot of traction, and continued to add new features.

After gaining years of experience we developed an understanding of what worked well about PVsell, and what could be improved. The international market was beckoning, and we needed to make a great tool awesome, something we could be proud of and support well. We spent many months redeveloping the user interface before spending over half-a-year redeveloping the software from the ground up.

Along the way, we had a few strokes of genius. What if PVsell could do more than just calculate financial outcome and bridge the gap between installer and customer. What if it could develop stunning proposals? What if it could help installers find customers, and improve their business operation? What if it could provide intelligent feedback to help them make more profitable decisions.

In this way, PVsell was informed by SunWiz’s heritage of strategic market intelligence and data analysis. SunWiz is Australia’s premier source of solar market intelligence and analytical consulting.

Operating since 2008, SunWiz’s director has worked passionately to develop the solar industry since 2005. We’re so passionate about solar that we even named our dog Sunny. SunWiz produces tools and information that helps our clients and subscribers compete with more well-resourced competitors, and ultimately to win against the fossil fools. We produced PVsell because we wanted solar installers to have a tool that quickly performed highly-accurate calculations, and educated them too.

Get to know us

SunWiz produces PVsell in order to support the efforts of solar businesses in honestly communicating the financial benefits of solar power to their customers. Many of the larger companies has developed in-house software to do just that (though many larger companies still use PVsell) – so SunWiz launched PVsell to support solar SMEs wishing to have a competitive advantage over larger PV companies.

PVsell is produced by Sunwiz, an expert Australian solar consultancy. SunWiz provides a range of services encompassing Industry Intelligence, Outsourced Solar Engineering, and Analytical Solar Consulting.

SunWiz has been recognised as Australia’s Leading Solar Consultancy:

  • Awarded for Contribution to the industry.
  • Author of Reports by Australia’s Peak Body on Clean Energy.
  • Presenter at most industry conferences.
  • Designer of three multi-award wining PV systems.
  • Services reaching hundreds of Solar businesses.

SunWiz can assist with your solar enquiry. SunWiz’s services fall into three broad categories: Strategic Intelligence, Strategic Assistance, and Strategic Advice. Learn more about our solar market intelligence,outsourced PV engineering, and solar analytic consulting services at www.sunwiz.com.au


PVsell takes the privacy of your data very seriously. PVsell’s creator (SunWiz) is a consultant to many businesses in the solar industry, and our business model relies upon companies sharing their data with us. It is not in our interest to compromise your privacy, as if we were to break the trust of our clients, our business would quickly go broke. When we’re consulting, you will never hear us share the confidential information of any particular customer.

In future, we will be performing analysis on aggregated data, for the purposes of educating the industry. An example may be a graph showing the evolution of system prices by system size, or the average amount of export from various size consumption, or the range of electricity prices paid by companies of various consumption levels – this sort of aggregated information. This will not identify you or your clients. The owner or any other identifying details of individual clients, projects, and systems will never be shared or displayed, or forwarded or used by any third party. Please let us know if you don’t wish your data to be included when we analyse this aggregated data set.


PVsell is developed by SunWiz

Our Business Name: SunWiz Pty Ltd
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Location: 7/23 Dudley street, Eltham VIC 3095
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