Mini Posts

Jenni Harrison

I would just like to say a big thank you for a really informative and stimulating presentation and discussion.  This was really well received by our group and I am sure will continue to stimulate much discussion.

Chad Floyd

In terms of building the business case for commercial solar, PVsell is second to none. My colleagues and I use PVsell extensively to determine the most appropriate sized solar system based on a site’s electricity consumption.  The cost/benefit outcome is then used to build the business case that supports our market offers. I’m eagerly waiting the next iteration of this tool and the increased functionality this will provide. Keep up the good work guys!

Chris Harvey

I have been using PVsell now for several years and have found it both accurate and easy to use.  It also has enough information if discussions are being held with company accountants, who look for more information. Being able to use the additional graphs and datasheets in individual proposals adds to the benefits of using PVsell.  PVsell also has the benefit of FAQ’s or the online technical support if required

Jack Hooper

Last week we sold a 200 kW hybrid system (220kWH usable battery storage at 40% DOD (gel-acid) + LED lighting etc) for a school spending 120k PA on power and another 100 kWP (3rd this month). All thanks to PVSELL 🙂

We have turned over millions off the back of that software. Thanks for putting together such a good product.