Customer Management

Project manage your customers flawlessly, by creating new projects for each site for when customers have commissioned you for more than one site multiple jobs. View your customers from a high-level view, or access your customers individually to make any updates to their details or view linked projects.

  • Search and view your customers, and the projects associated with each customer. And keep your customer list up to date as you close sales.
  • You can easily save multiple project options for each customer, and avoid re-entering information by simply duplicating projects and making essential changes as needed. So you can present the customer options of a 50kW system with finance, or a 30kW system paid in cash.
  • create pre-filled project templates that you can use in common situations.

Site Analysis

Save your save countless hours spent on performing site inspections, by using our roof layout tool. Powered by MetroMap and Nearmap, you can access the most recent survey imagery and lay panels to determine what size system will fit at the customers’ site.

    • Quickly lay panels out on the customer’s roof using our high-performance roof layout engine
    • Specify the orientation and tilt of each array – you don’t have to do a roof layout!
    • Upload Helioscope or PVsyst production data – for engineering-level accuracy

    • Recent HD imagery from MetroMap is included for no additional charge.
    • Nearmap account holders can use your Nearmap data within PVsell and get the brilliant recent and historic HD imagery, at no additional charge
    • If you don’t have a Nearmap account, then access Nearmap HD imagery on-demand for $8 per site
    • Upload BYO imagery from drones, government websites, for no additional charge.
    • And of course, Google Map imagery is included, for no additional charge

    • Automatically work out the maximum system size that can fit on a roof
    • Quickly and easily adjust spacing, orientation, and tilt for each array
    • Quickly define exclusion zones to eliminate placing arrays on skylights and rooftop equipment

    • Stop here – just download a roof layout and monthly solar production chart, if that’s all you need
    • You can always convert your project to a financial analysis project at a later date, if you wish.

Energy Assessment

To achieve the most accurate analysis upload your customers interval meter data or interval data from a data logger effortlessly. You can then compare the solar production against the users actual consumption. We have a rich library of consumption profiles for when you aren’t able to obtain interval data.

    • PVsell automatically recognises most interval metering data formats
    • PVsell can also handle data from CT meters, e.g. from Solar Analytics
    • Simply drag and drop your interval metering data into PVsell, and instantly review the customer’s consumption patterns
    • This provides customers with their first ‘aha’ moment as they see you understand their business

    • If you don’t have a full year of data, PVsell will analyse the data and extrapolate it for you

    • If your customer doesn’t have access to interval meter data, make use of PVsell’s extensive list of consumption profiles from the most common industry segments.
    • Rather than wait for interval meter data to come from your customer’s retailer, instantly give them a proposal that’s 90% accurate – that you might sell on the spot, or update later when the interval metering data becomes available.

    • Scale consumption profiles to match your customer’s current or future level of consumption
    • Specify the days of operating for your customer

    • Drag and drop consumption profile editing
    • Copy and paste consumption profile editing
    • CSV upload consumption profile editing

    • Limits the amount of power you can export to the grid in line with network operator conditions of grid connection
    • Automatically adjust hourly and annual energy production levels to export constraints
    • Automatically flow through export constraints to LGC revenue reduction

Bill Entry

Inputting your customers bill into PVsell will improve the accuracy of your customer analysis and will give you access to our help me size tool. Which compares the customers bill against their energy consumption and then recommends multiple options for you to choose from, each of these options provide a breakdown of benefits in terms of exported electricity, ROI and offset consumption.

    • Handles flat rate tariff structures as well as Time of Use (TOU) and Block tariffs
    • Accounts for standing charges too
    • Calculates actual value of energy generation in every hour of the year

    • Handles unbundled tariff structures with grace
    • Demand Charges – calculates how much peak demand will be reduced by due to solar & storage, and the value of Peak Demand Reduction
    • Confused by a bill? Get Bill Assistance from PVsell staff who will review and correct your attempts to correctly enter an electricity bill. This ensures the highest level of accuracy in a vital process

    • Accounts for electricity price rises into the future

    • Typical flat-rate feed-in tariffs
    • Time-of-Use Feed-in Tariffs too
    • Calculates actual amount of energy that will be export to the grid
    • Calculates actual value of energy generation in every hour of the year

Specify your solar array

Put your system size together, by either using our help size me tool if you aren’t sure on what size system would be a good option. Or manually specify the system including any government incentives, you can input a top-level price or an itemized detailed price.

(Optionally add a battery)

Model energy storage solutions combined with your proposed solar system to reduce export or save the generated electricity for when it’s required outside of daylight hours. You can also view the grid independence KPI’s based on your solar + battery combination.


Offer various payment options to your customers such as cash, mortgage or lease. A lease option can be desirable for your customers as they won’t have a large upfront capital to invest, instead they still could save on their annual electricity charges.

    • Model cash sales, and show charts that focus upon payback and return on investment

    • Model finance sales, and the charts update to communicate the ‘cashflow positive’ message

    • Access brilliant finance rates from our finance partners
    • Instantly view the finance repayments offered, all within PVsell
    • Kick-start the finance application process


Take the extra step to perform thorough analysis, where you can specify the replacement costs of inverters, maintenance costs and even battery replacement costs.


Review our extensive output provided based on your inputs, this will give you a guide on how the financial benefits of the system you are proposing will impact your customer. You can make adjustments to  your project to ensure your customer receives the best possible benefits.


Create professional winning proposals to provide your customers with so they can make an informed choice. Create various proposal templates for commercial or residential jobs to make a more efficient workflow.

    • If you’re just looking to create a roof layout, you can in PVsell!
    • You can also include an optional quote
    • You don’t have to enter information about the customer’s bill and consumption, unless you want to perform financial analysis
    • Save time and money!
    • CEC Approved Solar Retailer compliant!

    • Download a standard proposal that’s proven to sell
    • Our default proposal takes customers on a journey that delivers ‘aha moments’
    • Our smart proposal adjusts to whether its cash or finance, residential or commercial, battery or PV
    • CEC Approved Solar Retailer compliant!

    • PVsell’s Awesome Proposal Template leads your customer on a journey of why solar makes sense AND why they should buy it from YOU!
    • Stand apart from the competition with ease, our Awesome Proposal differentiates you from the masses!
    • Easily adapt the template to your Unique Selling Proposition
    • Type in your customer testimonials and products’ key features, supported by images that you upload
    • Do it once, and then re-use your proposal over and over again.

    • Create your own 100% customised proposal template (any content, anywhere)
    • Load in content on a project-by-project basis
    • Edit content on the fly, tailoring to individual customers
    • Utilise our library of pre-populated content that helps you sell

    • Download infographics and charts
    • Select the assets you want to download
    • Download everything in a smart folder