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  • If you have exceeded your allocated commercial and residential project amount, you will still be able to create new projects. If you repeatedly go over your allocated amount, one of our sales team will contact you and upgrade you to a plan that is right for you. If you don’t want to upgrade and have repeatedly gone over your limit, we will charge you per project that has been created after you have reached your limit.
  • We have two solar calculations engines you can choose from to generate your solar production data. The first is SAM – the SAM performance model allows you to quickly select the azimuth and tilt for up to three arrays, but doesn’t model south-facing arrays or tilts beyond 40degrees. It is only suitable in Australia. And the second is PVwatts – this performance model allows the full range of orientation (azimuth) and tilts, for an endless number of arrays, globally. It also enables you to adjust the panel type, inverter efficiency, loss factors, and can even do tracking arrays. We also provide the option of uploading your own solar production data that you may have run via simulation tool, such as Helioscope or PVsyst.
  • Our calculations are 100% accurate, initially a team of mathematicians reviewed all financial modelling and formulas we use to generate our outputs. Over the years we have developed a validation tool, which regularly tests the calculations by creating various projects with different inputs. If any errors are detected our development team is notified and their highest priority is to ensure a fix is worked on immediately. if you believe there is a calculation issue, please contact us immediately on 03 9098 0553 so we can get it resolved.
  • Yes, if you have an existing Nearmap account you can generate an API key and then apply this API key to your PVsell account. Then when you access the roof layout tool, you will see an option to enable your Nearmap account functionality. If your Nearmap account has expired or you have run out of data, you can use our Nearmap pay per project feature. This will allow you to set a custom bounding box that will populate with Nearmap imagery once you have chosen your survey date. Depending on your subscription level we also offer Spookfish imagery for free in PVsell, incase you didn’t want to pay per project for Nearmap imagery.
  • No, any data you input into PVsell is yours and we do not share it with third-party companies or anyone else. We may use your data to drive our feature development or for our own analysis to generate internal reports about the solar industry and to determine where in our software we can improve.
  • PVsell not only provides you a software platform to create detailed proposals, we also offer sales training and market intelligence as part of our subscriptions. Founded by Warwick Johnston who is a board member of the CEC and is an international solar ambassador, you are in the best hands when it comes to calculation accuracy, sales tips and information about the solar market. We also have exceptional support staff which are experts in the solar industry that will help you progress with any project, regardless of how complex.


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