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Hourly Accuracy

Hourly accuracy is the fundamental point of difference that underpins PVsell’s accuracy. Consider that the proportion of solar generation that is export is the single-biggest factor in the ROI from solar. Whereas most solar calculators allow salespeople to ‘guesstimate’ export (in the process exposing your business to litigation), PVsell calculates export by analysing energy flows for every hour of the year (all 8760 of them). This hourly accuracy extends to accounting for shading, temperature, and panel aspect, and consumption, and incorporates system performance modelling from the US Government. That’s why you can trust PVsell’s results.

Annual Accuracy

PVsell accurately calculates every part of your annual savings. Consumption changes with the hour, month, and season; tariffs often vary with the time of day and day of week…. Then there’s peak demand. Most salespeople use simplifying assumptions that overstate financial benefit (exposing their company to litigation) – assumptions that assume that solar never exports and always attracts peak tariff. Then there’s peak demand, which is where most get it wrong. All of these are accurately calculated within PVsell, with little effort required from you. PVsell provides you with a library of typical consumption profiles and Time-of-use tariff types …

Lifetime Accuracy

Every year is different; PVsell treats it so. PVsell allows you to account for panel degradation, rising electricity prices, and ongoing costs. This means your lifetime assessment is truly representative of reality.

Handle complexity with ease

PVsell makes complexity easy. Calculating the financial return from a PV system isn’t easy to do accurately. You must consider the hour-by-hour earnings from the solar power system, which depends in each moment upon the consumption level, panel aspect, and applicable tariff. Demand tariffs complicate matters further, and then start to consider tax… PVsell handles all of this for you so all you have to do is enter information about the roof, bill, and customer and you’re away.

Ditch your spreadsheets

Use PVsell on any device, without touching a spreadsheet. Many businesses use spreadsheets to perform simple ROI calculations. But spreadsheets are off-putting to customers (and offputting to many salespeople). Spreadsheets also need frequent updating, and often they walk when your sales staff takes a job offer from your competitor. PVsell is cloud based, so its always up to date, has an appealing interface, and remains under your control.

Bridge the Gulf between you and your customer.

PVsell helps you speak the language your customer understands: payback, bill reduction, energy savings, and return on investment. As a solar salesperson you understand kW, orientation, pitch, shading, consumption, and you’ve read hundreds of electricity bills in your time, but performing the calculations of payback etc is complex and involved. Thankfully PVsell allows you to quickly enter information in the language you speak, and PVsell then translates it into the language your customer understands.

Brilliant Support

PVsell supports your business success. At PVsell we want your business to succeed, so together we can contribute towards putting solar on every Australian roof. So give you multiple support channels that give you instant answers to your questions, education and training to accelerate your development, and personal support when you need it.