Mini Posts

Richard Vargas

PVsell is a fantastic software, I wish I had come onboard a lot earlier. My experience so far has been nothing but first grade – those guys are awesome!

Justin Bridgeman

With PV sell I have received a high level of commitment to my success which is not common these days. I have also found key elements of data I receive from my reports extremely helpful to clients in making an informed choice

Matt Harold

The only think I dislike about PVsell is that my competitors are using it. PVsell gets 5 Stars!

Geoff Bragg

I don’t know what you did,  but for me PVSell is now faster than ever before. Confirmed a sale of a 90kWp system on a University College this week on the back of PV Sell analysis!

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List yourself as a PVsell user… and (coming soon) promote yourself with a tailored PVsell page

Attract discerning customers with PVsell: its no secret that PVsell is the best calculation tool for solar ROIs. Customers are coming to us wanting to be connected with trustworthy solar retailers. So we’ve created a webpage listing PVsell users, and its searchable by postcode. If you want to be listed as a PVsell user, opt-in and list your service area, and you’ll get extra customers coming to you. What’s more, they’ll automatically be discerning buyers so you can afford to charge a little bit …


Run your business more effectively with PVsell. PVsell includes a simple CRM that allows you to track customers (and sales, revenue, and profit) by stage in the pipeline. This information helps ensure you’re focusing upon moving customers step-by-step towards winning the work, all the while providing you with an overview of your business financials that assist you to make winning decisions. Or you can connect PVsell to your existing CRM with our API upgrade. Coming soon

API for deeper integration

Integrate PVsell into your broader operations for even faster customer proposals. If you’re using other tools like CRMs, PVsell can accept customer data from your CRM to save you time entering information and managing it. PVsell can also provide results to your CRM, allowing you to store Proposals within a customer record in your CRM. Some programming may be needed within you CRM, though we can help if needed. (coming soon)