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Complex Calculations, Fast

PVsell handles the complexities for you. In Australia, an accurate solar ROI needs hour-by-hour consideration of energy flows to determine the value of solar generation in peak, shoulder, and off-peak periods. Even calculating the annual cash-flow is a time-consuming exercise. Thankfully PVsell masterfully produces accurate calculations, and you can generate proposals in minutes.

Head Start Templates

Ready to fly, out of the box: Yes, with PVsell you can create your own tailored proposal pages and templates that look great and will save you time and win you more work. Better yet, PVsell comes pre-loaded with templates that will get you going fast.

Library of Consumption Profiles

Confidently sell today. One of the biggest challenges of selling PV in Australia is factoring in whether the solar generation attracts peak, shoulder, off-peak, or export rates. PVsell allows you to upload metering data, which you can re-use later. What’s more, we provide you with heaps of consumption profiles from many industries and households. So if you’re selling to a winery, rather than waiting weeks for metering data you can re-use consumption profiles from a similar customer.

Brand Proposals as your Own

Create beautiful proposals… easy! Our world-leading proposal engine has a visual page editor so you can easily create stunning proposals that reflect your company and its brand.

Library of Sophisticated Graphs

Communicate your message with a library of professionally-designed charts. PVsell comes with in-built charts that communicate a range of different financial messages, so that you can tailor your sales message to your customer’s purchasing motivations. Charts include annual revenue, payback, lifetime savings, monthly energy production, daily energy balance, and much much more. You can pick and choose the charts you want in your proposal, and where you want to place them.

Build Trust

PVsell helps you build trust and rapport. PVsell is cloud-based software that can be used on any device. So you can answer customers questions before their very eyes. This increases your level of trustability, so they will naturally open up more. Building rapport and trust is an essential ingredient in closing the sale.

Increase customer satisfaction & referrals

PVsell helps your customer choose. You can quickly and easily present multiple options to them for them to compare and choose. When they are involved in the choice, they are more likely to believe it was a good one (as opposed to the option recommended by the self-interested salesperson)… and thus they will be happier and more likely to generate referall business for you. Calculating the answers before their eyes also enhances their degree of trust and regard, which increases your chance of closing the sale.