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 PVsell has generated solar proposals worth 4GW for 60,000 customers on behalf of 500+ solar retailers.
PVsell software is developed by trusted independent experts SunWiz, headed by industry leader Warwick Johnston
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Remote Site Analysis that saves you thousands of dollars

Use Australia’s best automated roof layout tool to rapidly size and layout solar arrays. Free HD imagery included, plus the widest range of other awesome imagery options.  Use PVsell’s Roof Layout Tool in standalone mode or produce a compelling customer proposal including sophisticated yet easy-to-understand financial results with a brilliant proposal.

    • Australia’s best automated roof layout tool
    • Free HD imagery from MetroMap included for all PVsell account holders.
    • BYO Nearmap: display Nearmap HD imagery within PVsell using data from your own Nearmap account.
    • Nearmap on-demand: display Nearmap HD imagery within PVsell for $8/site if you don’t have a Nearmap account.
    • Free Google Map imagery included for all PVsell account holders.
    • Free BYO imagery from drones, government websites, etc.
    • Quick solar design software – complete a panel layout in less than a minute.

Awesome Solar Proposals that win you work

A great solar proposal uses charts that target the customer’s key purchasing motivations AND that are easy to understand. A winning proposal takes the customer on a journey, that demonstrates why this is the ideal system for their needs, and why you’re the perfect company to supply it. PVsell has charts and proposals that are proven to win work, whether you use our off-the-shelf proposals, adapt our Awesome Proposal template to your business, tailor your own customised proposal, or use PVsell’s charts in your own publishing software.

    • Smart charts that deliver ‘aha’ moments to your customers: Speak your customers language, in a way they understand instantly
    • Outstanding Proposals proven to work… branded as your own – off the shelf
    • Differentiate yourself from the competition – by customising and tailoring your proposal exactly how you want it
    • Cashflow sheets that accountants will sign off on
    • Proposal content that helps you sell

Solar Industry Accolades

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Trustworthy, Accurate, Sophisticated Solar System Modelling that sets you apart

More than just a basic solar calculator, PVsell is renown for its ability to accurately model scenarios from the simplest residential sale through to the highly complex commercial feasibility study. And of course batteries are included.

    • Automatically processed interval metering data
    • Complex Unbundled Commercial Electricity Bills
    • Hour-by-Hour Peak Demand Reduction Calculation
    • Seasonal electricity tariffs
    • Battery modelling that you’ll ‘get’
    • Hourly performance simulations that account for multi-orientation systems and shading
    • Energy flow calculations that account for site consumption
    • Financial calculations that account for energy tariffs that vary with time or consumption level
    • Time-of-Use Feed-in tariffs
    • Upload helioscope / PVsyst data
    • Cashflow sheets that an accountant can easily understand

Makes your sales team Professional, Confident & Effective

Understanding customers’ psyche is what really delivers sales. The best salesperson will tell you the importance of building trust, and the difference confidence makes to closing a sale. PVsell gives your salespeople immense confidence, and makes your business look professional. It also speeds up your sales process, reaping dividends for your business.

    • Look professional by using a professional tool. PVsell proposals are bound to impress!
    • Build trust – MS excel is a potent turn-off for any customer. PVsell’s removes doubts and actually builds trust: customers instantly understand results, can see updates in real time, and even reveals its inner workings to those interested (like accountants)
    • Be effective – PVsell speeds up your customer proposal process with fast calculations, an integrated roof layout tool, rapid processing of interval meter data. You’ll also benefit from loads of in-built content, including consumption profiles, time-of-use timings, and proposal pages and entire proposals. Not only will your sales cycle be faster, you’ll be converting more sales. Now that’s what we call effective!

We help you sell! Australian Solar Experts at your Fingertips

The greatest solar calculator in the world will only help you so far. Getting sales needs an outstanding tool AND outstanding sales strategies. You’ll find invaluable resources inside your proposal library and your SunWiz Academy. PVsell actually helps you sell!

All included for free!

    • OutstandingSupport via chat, ticket or phone
    • Assistance with entering complex electricity bills
    • SunWiz’s experience as consultant and market analyst since 2009 is embodied within PVsell.
    • SunWiz Academy
    • SunWiz Market Intelligence

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