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Hundreds of solar companies rely on PV Sell every day to coordinate their projects, do complex calculations and win work.

Grow your commercial sales

Increase Conversion Rate

  • Put your best foot forward with Best-practice proposal templates, or tailor your own.
  • Demonstrate trustability with our sophisticated tool and instant response that customers love!
  • Customers quickly and easily understand sizing and payback through well-honed charts & infographics, backed up with ‘under-the-hood’ data.

Save Time

  • Perfectly size your customer’s system in seconds.
  • Accurately calculate payback and Return on Investment in moments.
  • Download a Customer-Tailored proposal in minutes.

Positive Feedback Loop

  • Growing your portfolio of happy customers increases your referral business.
  • Become the go-to company for commercial solar in your region as your commercial gallery grows.
  • Stop having to compete on price and price alone – charge a premium to referrals.

Stunning Proposals

Create an awesome, compelling customer proposal in 60 seconds!’

  • Stunning selection of infographics to include
  • Simple yet comprehensive visuals
  • Easy to use proposal builder interface
  • “Setup and forget” templates
  • Huge time savings, professional proposals

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Adapt your existing proposal into PVsell or use our PVsell templates for easy setup!

Batteries Not Included!

Energy Balance

PVsell helps you size and sell batteries. Our battery-infographics are targeted to address the purchasing motivations of early adopters: grid independence and embrace of technology. We even provide you with proposal pages that can help sell to early adopters, or convert a customer’s initial interest in batteries into buying a ‘battery-ready’ system

Grid Independence KPIs

PVsell KPIs help you indicate to your customers the key performance indications of your solar battery system at a glance.

  1. Energy Self-Generation
  2. Reduction in solar export
  3. Reduction in peak charges
  4. Reduction in grid draw
  5. Days fully charged
  6. Dawys with spare capacity
  7. One day sotorm blackout protection
  8. Days 100% self sufficient (off-grid ready)

Background image courtesy of GEM Energy

Killer Benefits


At the heart of PVsell is our highly accurate analysis engine. This includes lifetime, annual and hourly accuracy to ensure the most trustworthy outputs.

Fast Sales Response

Reduce turnaround time for sales enquiries dramatically! PVsell lets you create a proposal in less than 3 minutes!

Enhance Professionalism

Your PVsell proposal will be as professional as any! Very little technical ability is required to output a stunning PV proposal with PVsell.

Awesome Support When You Need It

Instant Chat

PVsell comes with expert chat support to help you in case you need it. Our team is ready and understands the time-pressure of sales. We work with you to resolve issues in real time as required.

24/7 Ticketing System

PVsell has a fully integrated ticketing system designed to make support easier for you. All communications are kept in your login and tickets are promptly addressed by our friendly support team.

In-context help tips

PVsell is designed to be as easy to use as possible. We’ve included helpful bubbles throughout the software to assist you every step of the way (and provide external links as necessary).

On-Screen Tutorials

Our automated tutorials walk you through key functionality of PVsell to rapidly familiarise you with the application and are all available from your dashboard.

Demonstration Videos

Our extensive video library is designed to make it extremely quick and easy for you to use even the most advanced features of PVsell!

First Projects Review

As a FREE service, we will review your first few projects to make sure your entries are all correct and to explain the outputs in greater detail if required.

What's in your PVsell Starter Kit?

Proposal Templates

Use our kick-start templates to build your own PVsell proposal! It’s easy to use, fully customisable and gives you stunning output proposals within just a few clicks. Our templates are your “plug and play” option to get you started fast.

Commercial-Conversion Pages

We have developed highly professional and convincing pages outlining the benefits of solar power for businesses, include social evidence of major businesses around australia in different industries who’ve gone solar!

Pages To Help You Sell Batteries

Use our battery sales pages on prospective battery customers. Answer all their battery questions in one hit and stop wasting time explaining who should (or shouldn’t) buy batteries and why!

Solar Hot Spots

One of SunWiz’s essentials, solar hot spots is seamlessly integrated into PVsell, giving you extremely valuable sales insights from day 1. Now you can focus your efforts where they count most!

Social Evidence

One of the most powerful influencers – peer action – is integrated seamlessly into PVsell. Show prospects who’s gone solar in their postcode in a few clicks.

Commercial Contacts

Enter a company you’ve sold solar to and instantly find similar businesses in the region to target!

What Customers Say

With PV sell I have received a high level of commitment to my success which is not common these days. I have also found key elements of data I receive from my reports extremely helpful to clients in making an informed choice

Justin Bridgeman

Solar Division Manager CMC Metal Roofing

Last week we sold a 200 kW hybrid system (220kWH usable battery storage at 40% DOD (gel-acid) + LED lighting etc) for a school spending 120k PA on power and another 100 kWP (3rd this month). All thanks to PVSELL 🙂

We have turned over millions off the back of that software. Thanks for putting together such a good product.


Jack Hooper

Gem Energy Australia

I have been using PVsell now for several years and have found it both accurate and easy to use.  It also has enough information if discussions are being held with company accountants, who look for more [in-depth] information. Being able to use the additional graphs and datasheets in individual proposals adds to the benefits of using PVsell.  PVsell also has the benefit of FAQ’s or the online technical support if required

Chris Harvey


In terms of building the business case for commercial solar, PVsell is second to none. My colleagues and I use PVsell extensively to determine the most appropriate sized solar system based on a site’s electricity consumption.  The cost/benefit outcome is then used to build the business case that supports our market offers. I’m eagerly waiting the next iteration of this tool and the increased functionality this will provide. Keep up the good work guys!

Chad Floyd

AGL Solar

I would just like to say a big thank you for a really informative and stimulating presentation and discussion.  This was really well received by our group and I am sure will continue to stimulate much discussion.

Jenni Harrison

Planet Power

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