PVsell’s new Awesome proposal is…. well…. Awesome!

PVsell’s new Awesome proposal is…. well…. Awesome!

One of the greatest challenges we hear the solar businesses face is how to stand apart from the competition. So many businesses resort to absurdly-low prices, and that’s a sure-fire recipe for not getting paid what you’re worth.

PVsell is great at convincing the customer that solar makes sense!

According to our observations, a major difference between the businesses that struggle and those that thrive is how well their proposal sells their business. PVsell is a great tool for convincing the customer that solar makes financial sense, but can PVsell also help convince the customer to buy from you?

Can PVsell also help convince the customer to buy from you?

The answer is YES. Plenty of PVsell users have customised a proposal that is 100% tailored to their business. PVsell’s proposal library and flexible proposal editor enables you to have a fully-customised proposal for every circumstance.

But plenty of businesses just don’t know where to begin. What information to put into a good proposal, how to order the pages to take the customer on a journey, and how to style the proposal to look professional and modern.

That’s why we’ve created a new proposal template that does all of this for you. Introducing “PVsell’s Awesome Proposal”…

Now, quickly and easily adapt PVsell’s Awesome Proposal to your business.

PVsell’s Awesome Proposal is now available to every PVsell user. It takes your customers on a journey:

  1. Impressive Cover Page
  2. Summary of Key Points (why solar makes sense)
  3. Why your company
  4. Financial Summary
  5. Energy Analysis
  6. Financial Details
  7. Cashflow Sheet
  8. Testimonials & Case Studies
  9. Products
  10. Site Summary including panel layout image

You can choose to include as many (or as few) of these pages as you like, and re-order them to your heart’s content.

Watch a quick demonstration of PVsell’s Awesome Proposal:

Standing apart from the competition is now as simple as editing the content in these key pages:

Why Your Company?!!!

Here’s where you should be describing your Unique Selling Proposition (USP). Each company will have a few things that differentiate it from the other companies. In our experience these commonly fall into these categories:

  • Size: you may be small enough to care / know every customer personally. Or being large may demonstrate your success.
  • Local, or National: you may live in the area (especially important for rural businesses), or you may be able to tackle any job.
  • Experience: your business might have been established a long time, or you may be young and innovative
  • Quality / Value / Price: you might focus 100% on quality, or you may have a “best price guarantee”, or you might deliver value for money
  • Technical / Fast: your ability may be a rapid installation, or it may be the technical prowess to design the perfect system for the customer’s precise conditions
  • Family / Institutional: you might be a family business and therefore appeal to customers that like that, or you might be backed by institutional investors.

Simply open up the ‘Why Us’ page in your Awesome Proposal, hover over the text you wish to edit and click the pen. You’ll then be able to edit the text (and the editing is in-line so you’ll instantly get to see how it looks)

Demonstrate your claims

Anyone can claim ‘we are the best in the business’. Really, you need to establish yourself as being the best by demonstrating how. The quickest best way is with logos – of the organisations you belong to, and of the companies (or councils) that you’ve delivered solar power to, the star ratings you get on google, the awards you’ve won. In this section, you can select a series of images that demonstrate your credentials.

Prove it, more, with testimonials!

Another really effective way of proving your claims is by providing examples of your happy customers. That’s why the Awesome Proposal provides two pages of space for this.

But don’t fall victim to showing pictures of solar panels and how big they are – people can’t relate to that. Here’s what works with testimonials:

  1. Pictures of happy customers, ideally with their solar system. Psychologically, people want to feel “I just bought a solar system, that was the wisest decision I could make, I’m thrilled”. Seeing other people have this feeling activates their desire.
  2. The persons testimonial, and a little bit of information about them (for commercial: where they work and their position, for residential: where they live and their age range or ‘family of 4’).
  3. How much money you saved them. And how you did it (system size, anything you did that was unique or differentiated you from everyone else)
  4. A logo, if its a commercial installation. Or a picture of five stars if its a residential review
  5. One or two pictures of the solar system, depending on whether you’ve got a picture of the customer.

Get Your Awesome Proposal Now!

Your Awesome Proposal template is now available to all PVsell customers. Check it out today.

How to edit your Awesome Proposal (in step-by-step detail)

This video explains the process of editing your awesome proposal in step-by-step detail