Industry Leaders Love PVsell: Testimonials

We are thrilled to be the software of choice for some of Australia’s leading solar power companies. Here’s what they have to say about PVsell

10/10: GEM Energy

GEM Energy is in the top 10 largest Australia’s largest solar companies, and has achieved immense success in residential and commercial solar in Queensland. GEM Energy is a CEC Award Winner

“PVsell revolutionised our business 5 years ago through its easy to use, intuitive platform.

The program has consistently gone from strength to strength and has allowed us to close millions of dollars of opportunities.

If you are serious about growing your business and converting more of your opportunities, PVsell is a must

Jack Hooper, CEO, GEM Energy

10/10: SolarHub

SolarHub is probably the ACT’s largest solar installer and was one of the first companies to become a CEC Approved Solar Retailer

“PV Sell is one of the most advanced solar quoting tools available in the Australian market. We use it exclusively for our commercial solar projects as it delivers a content-rich proposal that makes the benefits of going solar clear and concise for our customers. Being able to customise the proposal to align with our own branding is a great point-of-difference and customers often comment on how professional our proposal looks when compared to others. I would strongly recommend PV Sell to any prospective solar retailer.”

 – Benn Masters, CEO, SolarHub

10/10: Green Energy Technologies

GET are a local built business with locally staffed locations from Cairns to Rockhampton, and prides itself on our delivery of a sustainable community solution.

“PVsell enables our business to deliver validated 3rd party information to our clients in an impressive proposal format, in time frames that are beyond expectation.

Pvsell has allowed our team to focus on our clients and their needs with no stress about how many options or how much information is required. It is straightforward and on the money all the time. Like a design team on call we can deliver 25 yrs of data in minutes to allow for quick well informed options and decisions.

If you value the quality of information you present to your clients, the time you spend on delivering the best outcome, and your ability to get this service to as many clients as possible, then PVsell is an essential tool.

A fantastic local product with local support always available to help. 100% must-have tool for any solar business.”

– Kon Flaherty, Director, Green Energy Technologies

10/10: Australian Solar & Energy Management

“We started using Pvsell a couple of weeks ago. I received assistance from Kevin and team to show me how to create a proposal.

Once the first couple of proposals were complete, I took them directly to customers and presented them. The result was astounding and I mean astounding. We were able to sit in front of a prospect and show them how they were all 100% cash flow positive from day one. We linked all of our proposals to Energy Ease and showed them how much they would save.

I have presented 6 proposals so far and sold them all.

The Pvsell process increased our credibility and resulted in sales.

I highly recommend this product”

-Nigel Butcher, Sales Manager, Australian Solar & Energy Management

9/10: United Solar Energy

United Solar Energy was an early adopter of the CEC Approved Solar Retailer program and is one of the largest retailers in Victoria

“Hi Warwick and the Team,

Since starting my business in 2009 I have witnessed the solar industry change, especially in the commercial market. From our humble early years to now servicing the whole Australian market and overseas I must congratulate you and the team for enabling our business to effectively communicate the advantages and financial benefits to businesses and home owners.

Since adapting your software our commercial business has had a sizeable increase in closed projects, our clients understand the benefits without navigating confusing graphs and charts. The process is simple and straight to the point for our clients needs.

From all of us at United Solar Energy, thank you to your whole team who have made our business that much easier.

Richard Vargas

9.5/10: Essential Solar

Essential Solar is one of the top-ranked Victorian solar businesses on Solar Quotes

“I started presenting proposals to commercial customers in 2010. Back then, as solar analysis software was tacky and unreliable, I developed a number of complex excel spreadsheets to estimate and predict the future value of solar to a potential customer. It was so good (to me, as an engineer). Yet the customers didn’t understand it. The more complex I made it, the more the customers backed away!
Four years ago (2015), following a presentation at a Solar Expo, I started using PVsell. It very quickly reminded me of two important lessons; (a) less is more, and (b) leave the hard work to the experts.
In a nutshell, PVsell incorporates everything a potential customer should need to convert them from a solar cynic into an excited believer. Because, as we all know, Solar does work! It’s just a question of getting that message across – which PVsell does exceptionally well.
I can’t say how many jobs I have won using PVsell, but I won far less with complicated unverifiable excel spreadsheets! A professionally presented proposal is not just a collection of numbers arranged for an accountant; it’s a marketing tool for your company. PVsell arranges that boring information in a colourful array of graphs and commentary that explains the complexities of solar in a compelling and understandable format.
The best part about PVsell – it’s Australian. If I have a question, or a lockup (yes, they happen) I can call local support and get a resolution within minutes. A product like this lives on its support and continuous improvement – both of which have been successfully provided by SunWiz.
PVsell has become a necessity at Essential Solar, where it’s now used daily by each of our project engineers and technical salesmen. Frankly, I couldn’t do without it!

– David Bruce, GM, Essential Solar

9/10: SAE Group

SAE Group is in Australia’s top 10 companies by volume, and the 2nd-largest in Queensland.

“We have been using PVsell for over 4 years and it has been an excellent tool to get the benefits of solar across to the customer in a very professional and detailed manner that can be presented to top tier executives and accountants assessing the benefits of solar PV.”

– Glen Ashton, Managing Director, SAE Group

Leeson Group

Leeson Group is a leading commercial solar company that successfully made the leap to solar farm development. Leeson Group is a CEC Award Winner.

This testimonial was given during a vodcast interview I made with Peter Leeson.

“As you know we’ve used PVsell for 7 years, and we use it for all residential and commercial systems. Its a fantastic product, and the new imagery is excellent – the feedback from my team is that its fantastic. And that point of quality, giving that payback, gives you return repeat customers… referrals. But not only that, as technology advances, when batteries become financially viable and a better payback on them, if you’re selling quality you’ve got a customer in 3-5 years time”

– Peter Leeson, Director, Leeson Group

National Renewable Group

National Renewable Group (NRG) is a platimum-rated supplier on Solar Quotes and a long-standing CEC Approved Solar Retailer

“As Commercial Solar Specialist at NRG, I have been using PVSell for over 12 months, and have used it to produce dozens of commercial proposals. After becoming fluent with the software I am now able to produce a detailed proposal in just over an hour from start to finish.

Most customers are unfamiliar with Solar, but astute business people and PVSell provides a compelling visual representation of the benefits of an NRG solar system. Most importantly the visual nature of the proposal means that other stake holders, who may not have been present at the initial proposal presentation, are able to quickly understand the Return on Investment proposition in the proposal. I have trialled several other PV proposal systems and keep coming back to PVSell as it seems to be the most flexible and best fits our business workflow. The detailed bill entry and ability to either use template load profiles or, if available, upload your customers load data, gives NRG the confidence that the proposals created in PVSell are accurate and something that NRG can stand behind.”

– Tim Dangerfield, Commercial Solar Specialist, NRG Solar

8/10: Cherry Energy Solutions / Echo Group

Cherry Energy Solutions ranks as the #1 Commercial Solar Installer in Victoria and Top 5 Nationwide by volume

“We’ve been using PVsell for several years now. It is a credible, well designed tool that the sales team can quickly come to terms with. PVsell comes with a broad array of options and has been carefully designed to reflect the likely output of a commercial solar system. It also has the backing of Sunwiz and their considerable intelligence gathering capability.”

– Erik Zimmerman, CEO, Echo Group

10/10: Crystal Solar Energy

Crystal Solar Energy is a boutique specialist in the Solar Power industry since 2010

“Crystal Solar Energy has been using PV Sell for over two years. This is a great software to do the layout, and analysis. All our proposals are analysed in PV Sell (both Domestic and Commercial). Our clients are so impressed with vast array of information we supply from PV Sell report and win jobs.
Battery storage is one of the features we love. With the right input, we have been able to demonstrate to our clients that battery storage for domestic must be an integral part of their solar PV installation. All the battery storage installations Crystal Solar Energy has installed has recorded the projected savings in line with PV Sell report.
One of the best software we have seen.”

– Raj Subramanian, Director, Crystal Solar Energy

Daniel Shea Electrical & Solar

Daniel Shea Electrical and Solar is a Gladstone-based solar company that’s Gold-rated on SolarQuotes and a CEC Approved Solar Retailer

“Daniel Shea Electrical and Solar has been using PV Sell for around 4 years. The increase in our usage of PV Sell in proposals in the last 2 years has seen a direct increase in the amount of leads we are now converting to sales. I would recommend PV Sell as a great tool for all solar companies.”

– Daniel Shea, Director, Daniel Shea Electrical and Solar Pty Ltd

Quick Fix Solar & Electrical

Quick Fix Solar & Electrical provides electrical, on-grid, and off-grid solar for homes and businesses in the Central Coast, Newcastle, and Sydney.

“PV Sell takes the chore out of quoting, its simple to use and provides excellent proposals. We use PV Sell for all our Commercial Proposals to ensure accuracy for our clients. Could not be happier with the product and highly recommend.”

– Luke Miles, Director, Quick Fix Solar & Electrical

Free Engineer

Free Engineer are independent solar engineers who help clients save energy costs with no capital outlay

PVSell is a great tool for designers, engineers or even non-technical people. They made it easy to use and versatile!

– Eric Prasetyo, Director, Free Engineer

10/10: Venergy Australia

Venergy has been providing Australian homes and businesses with quality solar products and customer service since 2009.

“Very easy to use and with a heavy process-driven business, PVsell is very efficient and user friendly. The fact that anyone I showed it to, understood it from the second they saw it. That’s Impressive software

– James Macgowan, Residential Sales Director, Venergy Australia

10/10: OTI Power

OTI Power is a CEC Approved Solar Retailer. OTI Power understands business and the massive impact a quality solar system can have on your bottom line

“We’ve been using PV Sell for over 5 years and without doubt it has won us many projects. We constantly get complimented on how good our proposals look. The detailed and simplicity of how the information is provided makes it easy for our customers to get a great snapshot of solar saving and expectations. PV Sell continue to provide new features to make it even more user friendly and if you need assistance lodging a case with customer support gets a quick response. We strongly recommend PV Sell as it’s a must for any solar business.”

– Paul Blake, Director, OTI Power

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