Will Aurora Solar Software meet Australian solar businesses’ needs?

Aurora solar software is impressive to look at from its sales and marketing pages. If I were an American Solar Company, I’d definitely evaluate it for my needs.

But is Aurora software suited to the needs of Australian solar businesses?

Does Aurora Software:

  • Allow you to quickly do roof layouts and rapidly try multiple iterations?
  • Automatically handle STC calculations?
  • Automatically handle LGC calculations?
  • Automatically handle interval metering data in Australian format?
  • Consider export limitations and the impact they have on energy production and LGC creation?
  • Accept all typical Australian tariff structures, including unbundled Commercial & Industrial bills?
  • Help Size and Sell batteries?
  • Help you meet the requirements of the CEC accreditation / Approved Solar Retailer schemes?
  • Focus 100% upon getting you sales?
  • Have a local sales and support team, in your timezone?
  • Charge you in $AUD?
  • Give you the option to pay-per-job?

Because this is what PVsell does (and of course PVsell does a whole lot more).

Here at SunWiz (makers of PVsell), we have been to the USA, we have advised American companies on strategies to enter the Australian market, and we have seen Sungevity’s model fail to work in Australia despite impressive software designed for the USA. The American market is different to the Australian market conditions – consider that the price of an American system is 3x what it is in Australia. Most Australian solar companies are far more nimble than their American counterparts. Indeed, we Aussies could teach the Yanks a thing or two. We are just not convinced Aurora is appropriate to most Australian solar businesses.

Ask yourself.

  • Are you paying for features that are irrelevant to Australia?
  • Are you having to make time-consuming and error-prone workarounds to adapt Aurora to Australian conditions?
  • Would you prefer software 100% designed for Australian solar sales?


How does Aurora’s price compare to PVsell?

  • Aurora is USD$159-$259 per user per month. Thats A$224-$365 per user per month at the time of writing (0.71c/$). Plus any foreign currency fees
  • PVsell is currently priced at:
    • FreeLay plan: offers free roof layout, with the option to purchase premium imagery when you need to
    • Flexi plan: $20/user/month – including $20 credit (ex GST). Projects cost $2/job including premium imagery
    • Freedom plan: $250/month for the first user then $150/user/month (ex GST).

PVsell is much less expensive than Aurora. Probably because you’re not paying for ‘features’ that aren’t required in Australia.

Remember, with PVsell you get:

  • Quick Roof Layouts, with easy iteration
  • High-definition roof top imagery from leading providers
  • Financial assessment: none, simple, or sophisticated
  • Outputs that sell to the Australian psyche
  • Proposals that are impressive off-the-shelf and outstanding when customised
  • Australian support
  • And a whole lot more

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