Why Nearmap Doesn’t Compare To PVsell

Nearmap is a great satellite tool, but can’t do a fraction of what PVsell does – when it comes to selling solar systems, PVsell trumps the lot.

While nearmap gives you an image of the customer’s roof, PVsell completes a full financial analysis with high accuracy, clearly demonstrates the financial benefits of your proposed system, does battery analysis, gives you new marketing prospects and helps solar businesses sell solar systems BOTH small and large!

Here’s some things PVsell will do, which nearmap cannot:

  • Accurate financial returns calculation
  • Battery systems
  • Consumption profile analysis
  • Hourly analysis of financial benefits
  • Demand reduction benefit analysis
  • Time of Use calculation adjustments
  • Full cashflow analysis and energy flows
  • Complete proposal for your customer in less than 5 minutes

PVsell clients want to keep it to themselves, but we want you to see what a difference it can make towards ANY solar business.

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The difference between Lay’d and Nearmap really boils down to:

Do you want a Pretty picture of a solar layout on a high definition image that looks exactly the same as your competitor?

Or do you need a Professional proposal that has you stand above the competition (with a pretty picture of a solar layout too)… (which also includes accurate financial calculations and system size recommendation)


Produces picture of roof with panels laid out on itYesYes
Produces Monthly and Annual Yield CalculationYesYes
Produces proposal that differentiates you from the competitionYes, you can create proposals that are tailored to your customer and your businessNo
Quickly identifies the maximum array size the roof can holdYes, just identify the corners of the roof(s)No, requires you lay panels out
Quickly lay panels out on a roof, even with inter-row spacingYes, draw panels as you drag your mouseNo, requires you add panels row-by-row, after guessing row length
Recommends a system size based upon your customer’s power consumptionYesNo
Handles interval metering dataYesNo
Calculates how much power will be export vs self-consumedYesNo
Accurately calculates the customers actual bill savings simply by entering customers billing dataYesRequires you guesstimate the power price
Performs 25-year financial analysis accounting for electricity price rises etcYesNo
Calculates payback, ROI, and moreYesNo
Produces visually-compelling charts and infographics that target customers key purchasing motivationsYesNo
Accounts for Time-Of-Use benefit of system orientationYesNo
Calculates benefits of peak demand reductionYesNo
Calculates benefits of batteriesYesNo
Accounts for shading in financial and energy calculationsYesNo
Behaviour if you exceed your monthly inclusion limitsCharges a small amount extra per customerLocks you out for the rest of the month
Has monthly payment optionYesNo
Satisfaction guaranteeYesNo

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This video shows how quick and easy it is to use Lay’d.

Lay’d will be available for Free in any PVsell plan from May 2017.

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