Welcome Aboard! Getting Started With PVsell 2

Your Guide To Kick-Start Your PVsell 2 Experience!

Here’s a quick run-down of some of the key important things you’ll want to know when using Version 2:

  1. Look in the top, right-hand corner! Here you’ll find
    1. Messages from the PVsell team,
    2. Resources section to help you out.
    3. Support – if you need some help you can submit a ticket AND a
    4. Suggestions button if you have anything you’d like to see in PVsell!



Messages – This is where you can see a history of messages which were left by the PVsell team. This is how we communicate important updates to you. You’ll want to check back here anytime the megaphone icon has a number beside it (indicating a new message)

The Resources section offers assistance in the way of a help manual and help videos

Support page – here you can add a ticket for our team to address if you’re having any difficulties using PVsell at all.

Suggestions are what we base all our future development on! Browse the current user suggestions and VOTE on them or make a suggestion to improve PVsell! Here’s a list (as of 3rd June):

  • Add LEDs to PVsell
  • Print a summary of Project Inputs
  • Identify panel placement on a roof image from a satellite
  • Change the day shown on the ‘sample day energy balance’ chart
  • Compare System Sizes
  • mini-CRM: Customer Relationship Manager
  • Faster Payback through Demand Reduction: statistical analysis for greater confidence
  • Whole of Bill Discount
  • Business Intelligence Dashboard – track & improve profitability
  • Recommend a system price for me
  • Recommend a System Size for me
  • Batteries: PVsell calculations for Grid-connect with Battery Backup
  • Faster payback than competitors: Offer Alternative Electricity Retailer
  • Access finance offers in PVsell
  • Performance calculations that are panel-specific and inverter-specific
  • More locations around Australia
  • Notify me when my customer opens/clicks my proposal
  • Which Proposal elements and charts are most effective?
  • More!

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