How To Upgrade From PVsell Legacy

Your 6-Step Guide To Activating PVsell 2

Step 1: From (this site) click “login” then click “PVsell New” – OR visit this link:

This will send you to .

Step 2: Enter your email address and password currently used to login to legacy.

You will then be prompted to select a plan

Step 3: Select Your Plan

Click ‘manage users’ if you need to add or reduce the people who have access within your organisation.

Next click “change or select plan”:

Step 4: Confirm Plan Selection

Choosing your plan, you should note you can see the full list of plan details at

You have two options – pay a premium to pay-by-the-month, or pay annually and save!


  1. Your account comes pre-loaded with credit from the legacy PVsell, plus a bonus 25%.
  2. If you’ve got an active legacy account, you’ll also get a 5% lifetime discount on PVsell.
  3. Plus you can keep your legacy account alive until your legacy subscription expires.

Your Two Options:

  1. Select an annual plan, and your legacy credit will be applied to the amount required to upgrade.
  2. Pay nothing now, and use your legacy credit on the monthly plan until it runs out, after which you will need to pay for continued usage. Note that this will draw down on your credit 30% faster than if you choose an annual plan!

When you’ve selected a plan, make sure you’ve clicked your selection and click “next”

Step 5: Select & Turn On Upgrades

Here you’re able to select some optional extras which will enhance your PVsell experience. “Activate” the ones you’d like to include in your package and click “next”.

Step 6: Make Payment (If Required) & Start Using PVsell!

Here you can see the payment breakdown including your discounts and available credit. You can also select a payment method. Using a credit card will activate your account immediately. An offline payment method is also available if required.

That’s it! You’ve successfully upgraded your PVsell Legacy account to V2! Nice to have you on board!

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