Two brilliant options for Nearmap imagery within PVsell’s panel layout tool

Nearmap inside: accessing current HD rooftop imagery within PVsell

You can now access Nearmap imagery within PVsell, in one of two ways:

#1: BYO Nearmap

If you’ve got your own Nearmap account, you can now access Nearmap imagery within PVsell at no extra charge (from PVsell). We call this Nearmap integration “BYO Nearmap”, as you will be using the data from your Nearmap account to display Nearmap images within PVsell’s roof layout tool.

Here’s how to integrate Nearmap into PVsell.

#2: Nearmap on-demand

You can now access Nearmap imagery even if you don’t have your own Nearmap account. You can add Nearmap imagery to PVsell’s roof-layout tool on a project-by-project basis, whenever its available. Each Nearmap image you access will cost $8.

Here’s how to access Nearmap on-demand within PVsell

Panel Layout only… or Panel Layout PLUS Financials

Remote Site Inspection: Panel Layout Only

You can now just use PVsell’s Roof Layout Tool in standalone mode (without having to enter information about the customer’s bill or electricity consumption profile). Quickly determine the maximum array size the roof can hold, and easily perform complex roof layouts.

Then download your panel layout image and monthly solar production for insertion into your customer proposal, whatever tool you use to create proposals.

#2 Panel Layout Tool for Remote Site Inspection PLUS Financial Analysis

Of course, you can also upgrade your roof layout project to produce a compelling customer proposal including sophisticated yet easy-to-understand financial results with a PVsell brilliant proposal.