We have heaps of happy PVsell customers… Here are just a few

James Martin – Solar Choice

I’m now using PVSell to inform articles that I write for the Solar Choice blog, which is accessed by thousands of solar information-seekers on a daily basis. PVSell’s proposal-building platform is intuitive and easy to get to know. I managed to generate my first overview infographic for a solar & storage system from scratch in about 6 minutes – even while incorporating the wide array of parameters that I wanted to take into consideration.

Joe Springer – Springers Solar

Springers have been using PVsell for over 2 years. It gives us a professional proposal that leads to higher sales conversions. It’s our competitive advantage. It’s actually in my best interests if other companies do not know how good it is!

Chris Harvey – Solar Gain

I have been using PVsell now for several years and have found it both accurate and easy to use.  It also has enough information if discussions are being held with company accountants, who look for more [in-depth] information. Being able to use the additional graphs and datasheets in individual proposals adds to the benefits of using PVsell.  PVsell also has the benefit of FAQ’s or the online technical support if required .

Chad Floyd – AGL Solar

In terms of building the business case for commercial solar, PVsell is second to none. My colleagues and I use PVsell extensively to determine the most appropriate sized solar system based on a site’s electricity consumption.  The cost/benefit outcome is then used to build the business case that supports our market offers. I’m eagerly waiting the next iteration of this tool and the increased functionality this will provide. Keep up the good work guys!

Andy Leadbeater – Solar Australia

PV Sell is a fantastic tool for any PV designer. It has helped us to manage our commercial projects and provide quotations and estimations quickly but most importantly accurately, I would highly recommend them

Jenni Harrison – Planet Power

I would just like to say a big thank you for a really informative and stimulating presentation and discussion.  This was really well received by our group and I am sure will continue to stimulate much discussion.

Will – Victoria

I’d just like to express my thanks and deep respect for you and what you do. You are an invaluable asset to the entire industry

Geoff Bragg – SEIA NSW Chair and New England Solar Power

I don’t know what you did,  but for me PVSell is now faster than ever before. Confirmed a sale of a 90kWp system on a University College this week on the back of PV Sell analysis!

Ben Lovell – Living Energy

I love using PV Sell!!! It is such a great tool and gives me confidence in making promises to customers and credibility to the method in which I advise them so I am very happy

Justin Bridgman – Managing director Power and Light: Solar Division Manager CMC Metal Roofing

a successful outcome is all about the right people and the right skillsets in place. With PVsell I have received a high level of commitment to my success which is not common these days. I have also found key elements of data I receive from my reports extremely helpful to clients in making an informed choice.

Richard Vargas – Managing director United Solar Energy


PVsell is a fantastic software, I wish I had come onboard a lot earlier. My experience so far has been nothing but first grade – those guys are awesome!


Austin Vaughan – SolarLink




The tech support from PV Sell has been great. They assist with correct entry of interval data and powerbill info for my site. The reports generated from the software have assisted us to win our biggest project to date – 760kW roof mount in Western Melbourne. Couldn’t be happier with this software, really makes us look as professional as possible.


Legacy user... where has my PVsell moved to?