PVsell Smart Energy 2019 Competition

To celebrate PVsell’s brilliant new value proposition for every Residential & Commercial sale, we’re having a giveaway AND competition. Each valid entry gets $20 credit on PVsell, and every valid entry is in the running to win $1000 credit on PVsell. You can maximise your chance of winning by completing multiple tasks listed below.

PVsell: As simple or as sophisticated as you need

  • Three project types:
    • Roof Layout,
    • Simple Financial Assessment, and
    • Advanced Financial Analysis
  • Roof layout and / or Financial projects are possible
  • Create multiple alternative options for each customer


PVsell: Pay how you like:

Contract Free: Pay Nothing, Pay Flexibly, or Pay Monthly

  • Pay Nothing: Free roof layout tool with HD Roof Imagery upgrade from $2/project. (Does not include financial analysis)
  • Pay Flexibly: Pay-per-project (from $1) with HD Roof Imagery included (Does not include customised proposals)
  • Pay Monthly: All-inclusive with HD Roof Imagery and Customised proposals


PVsell Smart Energy 2019 Giveaway & Competition Entry Form


  1. Click on any row and complete the action required.
    • The numbers signify the number of entries (weight) each activity gets – higher value activities get that many entries in our prize draw.
    • You can complete actions in more than one row.
  2. Enter your contact details
  3. You’re entered!
  4. For higher chance of winning the major price, complete actions in additional rows.
  5. Once you’ve entered once, you ‘unlock’ referring a friend, which can grant you extra entries.


Compete to win PVsell Credit

Key Terms and Conditions

Valid Entries:

Entrant must be an employee or director of an Australian solar retailing business.

Get $20 Credit

Applies only to new paid PVsell accounts (i.e. does not include PVsell’s free account). $20 Coupon must be used when signing up. One credit per company. Not redeemable for cash

Win $1000 Credit

$1000 credit will be manually applied to the prizewinner(s) PVsell account. Existing account holders are eligible to win. Credit can be used towards prizewinner’s wallet or account for Flexible or Freedom plan. Not redeemable for cash.