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Today I’m going to show you how PVsell will deliver outstanding value to your solar business, whether you’re interested in a fast, highly sophisticated roof layout tool, accurate and impressive presentation of solar power financial benefits, or delivering a compelling proposal that stands you apart from the competition. For both residential and commercial solar, PVsell will help you win jobs, all the while actually saving you money. Try it and you’ll find your sales velocity and conversion rate goes up dramatically. How are we so confident PVsell will do this? Well PVsell has been helping solar companies sell, for more than 10 years. PVsell is an industry leader used by industry leaders, indeed its been responsible for gigawatts of successful commercial solar sales - and now we’re turning that sales power towards the residential market.

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As a solar salesperson you’ve got two jobs: one is to convince the customer to buy a solar power system; two to convince the customer to buy that solar power system from you. PVsell: is a Sales Tool, Now we don’t do detailed system design. We are 100% focussed on getting you sales, which is what really counts, right. That’s why PVsell is focussed upon getting you the sale with the minimum amount of effort. Some design tools out there have some overlapping functionality with PVsell, but we firmly believe in being masterful at helping you sell – and then the rest will follow (including detailed system design for actual customers) We masterfully handle your most simple roof layout, through to the most complex analysis. We’ve got an outstanding off-the-shelf proposal that you is infinitely tailorable to your company’s needs. We really are the all in one sales solution So lets take a run-through PVsell

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Save your save countless hours spent on performing site inspections, by using our roof layout tool. Powered by Spookfish and Nearmap, you can access the most recent survey imagery and lay panels to determine what size system will fit at the customers’ site.

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Review our extensive output provided based on your inputs, this will give you a guide on how the financial benefits of the system you are proposing will impact your customer. You can make adjustments to your project to ensure your customer receives the best possible benefits.

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Create professional winning proposals to provide your customers with so they can make an informed choice. Create various proposal templates for commercial or residential jobs to make a more efficient workflow.

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To achieve the most accurate analysis upload your customers interval meter data or interval data from a data logger effortlessly. You can then compare the solar production against the users actual consumption. We have a rich library of consumption profiles for when you aren’t able to obtain interval data.

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Inputting your customers bill into PVsell will improve the accuracy of your customer analysis and will give you access to our help me size tool. Which compares the customers bill against their energy consumption and then recommends multiple options for you to choose from, each of these options provide a breakdown of benefits in terms of exported electricity, ROI and offset consumption.

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Put your system size together, by either using our help size me tool if you aren’t sure on what size system would be a good option. Or manually specify the system including any government incentives, you can input a top-level price or an itemized detailed price.

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Offer various payment options to your customers such as cash, mortgage or lease. A lease option can be desirable for your customers as they won’t have a large upfront capital to invest, instead they still could save on their annual electricity charges.

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Model energy storage solutions combined with your proposed solar system to reduce export or save the generated electricity for when it’s required outside of daylight hours. You can also view the grid independence KPI’s based on your solar + battery combination.

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We hope you’ve enjoyed this glimpse into what PVsell offers, and we’ve really just scratched the surface of what PVsell can do. And PVsell’s value really stacks up With a fast roof tool and free HD imagery you’re already ahead from day 1. Add to this a proposal full of compelling and easy-to-understands charts and infographics, and you’ll be converting more sales, especially as your salespeople’s confidence kicks in You’re already be standing apart from the crowd, but you’ll be able to stop competing on price with some superior proposals that really sell your business as the only one to buy from. Now you can get started now by signing up immediately. There are three ways to PVsell a free tool for people who just want to do roof layouts, a highly affordable pay-per-use model and which flexes with your business, and an all-inclusive option that represents brilliant value. Of course, if you’ve got any questions You can either write them here and we will get back to you. Or you can schedule a personalised demo… Or you can jump straight in knowing that our freedom plan comes with a 28-day money-back satisfaction guarantee Thanks and we look forward to welcoming you

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