Pylon Observer good…. PVsell (much) better

We think Pylon Observer is good…. but PVsell is way better. Here’s why

  • Our panel layout is designed for novices and experts alike.
    • PVsell is much quicker at figuring out what sized system fits on a roof.
      • In PVsell you can place panels individually, by row, by block, or you can autofill an entire roof (and specify where you don’t want panels). In Pylon, you can only place panels individually or by block.
    • You can quickly try multiple options to figure out the best layout in PVsell
      • In PVsell you can specify row-to-row setback, you can specify walkways, you can duplicate arrays, you can simply adjust your bounding polygon, you can even swap panels for different models. In Pylon, you’ve basically got to start afresh
    • You can figure out the orientation as you draw in PVsell.
      • Whether you draw by panel, by row, or by roof surface, in PVsell you don’t need trial-and-error to figure out the panel orientation – it’s inherent in the way you draw panels (and always adjustable later). In Pylon you start with a north-facing array and then adjust from there.

  • Our financial analysis is way more sophisticated
    • PVsell can handle the simplest through to the most complex inputs. We handle seasonal tariffs, unbundled bills, peak demand charges. We produce cashflow sheets that accountants can understand and trust with ease. Pylon doesn’t do half of that.
  • Our proposal engine is much more powerful
    • PVsell has a great off-the-shelf proposal template that leads your customer through why this solution is best for their needs, and automatically adjusts to the circumstances (cash/finance, resi/commercial, battery/PV-only). Pylon’s is nowhere near as compelling
    • You can customise and tailor your proposal in PVsell. This is particularly useful for standing you apart from the competition. A salesperson’s job is only half-complete (and 100% wasted time) if they convince a customer to buy a PV system from someone else. Pylon’s proposal doesn’t give you the freedom to truly sell your business as the best one for the job.
  • PVsell is better value:
    • FreeLay: Our free plan allows you to create roof layouts for free on google imagery, and you can upgrade to HD imagery from $2/job. This costs you $4/job in Pylon
    • Flexi: If you’re doing more than 20 roof layouts per month, then you can do so – with HD imagery, from $1 per project (compared to $4/job in Pylon). You can also access PVsell’s superior financial analysis whenever you need, from $5-$15 per project.
    • Freedom: If you prefer an uncapped plan, PVsell can give you all you need including HD imagery for only $275 per month.
  • And much much more

(We actually like Pylon and believe there’s a place for them in the market, and wish them all the best)

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