PVsell: Industry-leading software by SunWiz since 2011

PVsell is proudly developed by SunWiz.

SunWiz is a 100% independent solar consultancy that gives solar businesses the tools and information they need to outsmart their competition.

Founded by Warwick Johnston in 2009, SunWiz is well known for its market analysis, strategic consulting, and PVsell software. In its first 8 years, SunWiz has provided services to over 800 solar businesses. Warwick is a director of the Clean Energy Council, and represents Australia within the International Energy Agency’s PV Task force.

SunWiz is highly trusted by the solar industry, and recognised for its independence and its integrity. Rest assured, unlike other solar software companies we will not sell your private information.

PVsell’s history

After years of successful sales of an excel ROI calculator, SunWiz first launched PVsell in the cloud in 2011. The original PVsell was used by hundreds of businesses to perform similar calculations to what PVsell does today.

In 2014 we commenced development of a major update to PVsell, which was launched in 2016. This improved upon the original PVsell by creating an easier to use interface and better user experience, plus improvements to charts and an impressive proposal template that could also be customised.

In the first two years of its operation, the new PVsell was used by over 450 solar businesses to generate solar proposals for over 30,000 customers, with a tally of 2.5GW of solar power systems.


Legacy user... where has my PVsell moved to?