PVsell runs rings around Excel (and so do PVsell’s users)

Every man and his dog has a "tried and trusty" MS Excel sheet they believe is helping them sell.

Actually, Excel is costing you more than you realisein lost sales. Here’s why…

Excel is a great tool, and one we here use extensively for in-house purposes. But it is not suited for customer presentations, and its terrible for solar businesses. Here’s why:

  1. Most people are scared off by spreadsheets, either because A) they’ve had bad experiences themselves with them (complex, hard to read, impossible to understand what’s going on, etc), or B) because they’re expert users of spreadsheets, in which case they sure as hell won’t trust your calculations.
  2. Excel is ugly. No matter how much you try to pretty it up, its still rows and columns of inputs and outputs, and and looks like excel
  3. Everyone uses it, which means you look just like everybody else. (also refer point #2 above).
  4. Its impossible to differentiate your business from every other solar business just using Excel. This means you’ll be competing on price alone… unless you you need to manually copy and paste charts into a MS Word proposal.
  5. It takes too much time to transfer information from Excel into a customer proposal. By the time you’ve done so, you may have missed the sale (or missed seeing the other customer you could have seen if you weren’t always busy working on customer proposals).
  6. Its not keeping up with the market. You don’t have a team of people constantly improving your spreadsheet, adding features and adapting to new tariffs.
  7. It’s not scaleable as your business grows – how do you distribute updates to every salesperson? And if you’re not growing, maybe Excel is a reason for that?
  8. Its not secure. When your competitor lures your salespeople across, they’ll take your IP with you.

Put simply, Excel simply wasn’t built to sell solar, and even showing a customer your excel sheet is risky.

PVsell runs rings around Excel

  1. PVsell displays outputs that entices customers to buy PV, including easy to understand charts and infographics.
  2. Demonstrating PVsell in front of your customer will build trust and rapport
  3. You can easily differentiate yourself from Excel users, using a purpose-built professional solar tool. You can even differentiate yourself from other PVsell users, as our proposals are 100% tailored to your business
  4. You can turn an ROI calculation into a stunning proposal in just 2 clicks. And it only takes 2 minutes to perform highly-accurate ROI calculations in the first place.

Ask yourself, does your excel spreadsheet do this?

365 x 24 hour-by-hour calculations of:

  • Calculations of solar output – from BOM
  • Energy balance – whether the power is self-consumed or exported
  • Value of the power at that time of day, whether the power attracts peak, shoulder, or off-peak rates
  • Calculations of the benefit of peak demand reduction which can improve the pay back by as much as 67%
  • All adjusted to account for orientation and tilt, (so you can compare east vs west)
  • Multiple-orientation arrays, so you can compare east-west to north, and tackle difficult jobs
  • Batteries, for every hour of the year, accounting for all of the above


Plus does your excel spreadsheet do this?

  1. Tell you which postcodes to target to maximise your sales?
  2. Give you sales collateral that leverages social psychology to sell PV?
  3. Alert you that you’re slipping behind the competition or outgrowing the rat-race?
  4. Give you contact details of targeted businesses to sell PV to?

If you’re a solar company and you’re still using Excel, your proposals are going to come up against much more attractive, more accurate, more attractive proposals. And your competitors will (in all likelihood) get their proposals in front of your prospect, before you.

Don’t fall into the trap of “doing what you’re doing”.

Try PVsell risk-free and see why our clients smiled while they clicked “Empty trash” on their old solar spreadsheet.

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