Lay’d: PVsell’s Roof Layout Tool

Produce a stunning roof layout image in less than a minute

Layd Solar Panel Roof

With PVsell’s Lay’d functionality, you can do the following:

  1. Quickly identify the largest array that the roof can hold
  2. Quickly fill a roof area with panels
  3. Quickly fine-tune an existing layout, or delete an entire array
  4. Quickly integrate the roof image into a superior proposal
  5. Quickly impress your customers

Our solar roof layout solution is designed by solar experts to be lightning-quick to use. For example, (rather than our competitor’s laborious panel-by-panel placement) in PVsell you simply mark out the edges of the roof and PVsell fills that polygon with panels. Lay’d will save you time and produce a neater result than our competitor’s approach.

This video shows how quick and easy it is to use Lay’d.

Lay’d will be available for Free in any PVsell plan from May 2017.

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