Proof you can trust PVsell with your valuable customer data

You can trust PVsell with your valuable customer data. (We’ll also help you sell)

  1. Integrity of PVsell’s director Warwick Johnston

    Integrity: SunWiz (maker of PVsell) trades on the basis our integrity. I’ve been working in solar since 2005, been running SunWiz since 2009 and had a solar ROI calculating tool for over ten years. I’ve been elected to the representative positions in AuSES, SEIA, the APVI, and the CEC (where I’m . My linkedIn profile shows recommendations from Nigel Morris, John Grimes, Stefan Jarnason, Tristan Edis, Kathleen Ryan, Geoff Bragg, Wilf Johnston, Mark Twidell to name a few. (We would never set up in competition with you, especially not after working for you for two years, and extra-especially not with a functionally identical offering, and extra-extra-especially not within 2 months of leaving your employ… not to mention we wouldn’t use your customer data… doing so would be incredibly poor form AND make us untrustworthy)

  2. Customer Data: We will never sell your customer data. Our company does not sell solar leads. We believe there is too much conflict-of-interest between a company that does both lead generation and offers software in which users enter private information about potential customers. We made a conscious decision to never go into lead generation for the very reason of conflict-of-interest.

    What do you think of someone who sets up in competition months after leaving your employ? 

  3. 10 Years of Operation: SunWiz has been running since 2009, and we’ve offered solar calculators since then. We have over a thousand clients we’ve served over the years. We’ve built up a sterling reputation in that time. We didn’t rip off anyone else’s idea, and we certainly didn’t leave a former employer and start up a direct competitor.

PPS: I welcome you to check out PVsell  and discover how it will profitably transform your business profitability.

Can you trust SolarProof Solar Software?

I’ll leave it to you to do your own research and answer for yourself.

We do know this:

PVsell has delivered solar proposals for over 60,000 customers that add up to multiple GW. We’ve got hundreds of loyal customers. Industry Leaders use PVsell. We’ve got an industry-leading roof layout tool with impressive high-definition imagery included. Our Plans include free, pay-per-project, and uncapped. We’re 100% focussed on getting you sales – we believe this is what counts most, and everything else flows from there. And we’re the best AND best-value option on the market.

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