How is the Awesome Proposal so Awesome at Selling Solar Power Systems?

Bold Cover Page

This is an cover page that’s designed to impress from the first impression!

It leads with the Return On Investment, the system size, and its personalised to your customer, all automatically populated

You can modify some page elements, including the image, text, and included figures.

Key Summary Page

This page provides a summary of the reasons to proceed with investing in a solar power system

It includes three key reasons that solar is a good choice, then shows four key summary infographics that communicate the system size, bill before solar, savings, return on investment, payback, and more.

Then it shows the two key charts that every customer wants to know: Bill savings, and payback.

This page alone closes deals!

You can modify all the page elements except the charts.

Why You? (!!!!)

This is your chance to shine, your opportunity to stand out from the crowd.

Here’s where you should be describing your Unique Selling Proposition (USP). Each company will have a few things that differentiate it from the other companies. In our experience these commonly fall into these categories:

  • Size: you may be small enough to care / know every customer personally. Or being large may demonstrate your success.
  • Local, or National: you may live in the area (especially important for rural businesses), or you may be able to tackle any job.
  • Experience: your business might have been established a long time, or you may be young and innovative
  • Quality / Value / Price: you might focus 100% on quality, or you may have a “best price guarantee”, or you might deliver value for money
  • Technical / Fast: your ability may be a rapid installation, or it may be the technical prowess to design the perfect system for the customer’s precise conditions
  • Family / Institutional: you might be a family business and therefore appeal to customers that like that, or you might be backed by institutional investors.

Its also an opportunity to demonstrate your claims, with logos of institutions you’re affiliated with and impressive customers that you’ve served.

All of this content is editable, including the images

Financial Summary Page

This page is a requirement for every proposal that is given to a customer, you need to make the financial benefits irresistible to your customers. Making the financial benefits easy to understand is also key, whereas a balance needs to be achieved to contain the right amount of financial benefits summarized without too much financial jargon. You want the customer to know all the benefits they will get as a result of purchasing a system from you, but you shouldn’t bore them with the details. Keep it simple and desirable, you want your customers to ask questions when they see this page which you can backup by providing them additional cash flow information. This page is the solution to your customers problem, the problem is the high cost of electricity prices, the solution is the amount of savings the system you are proposing can provide your customer.

  • Bill Reduction – Inform your customer of the new bills they will be getting as a result of the system. You can use phrases such as “Your new power bill is” or “Save X% off your monthly/yearly electricity costs”
  • Annual bill before and after solar graph – A simple and easy to understand graph, that shows their current situation vs their opportunity.
  • Payback period – keep it simple, explain to them what a payback period is, not everyone understands the term, tell them that after this period is up they will be generating a profit due to their savings.
  • Payback period graph – another simple and easy to understand graph, once your customer asks you to explain something you mentioned, it’s time to dial it back and keep it simple as though you were trying to explain this to your grandma.

Customer Analysis Page

Here we focus on how the customer uses their electricity, this gives you the opportunity to explain to them how the system will work vs how they consume their electricity. There is an opportunity here to educate your customer and encourage them to adjust their usage behavior in order for them to get the most out of their system. Here you can explain why you are proposing the current system option(s) to them and guide them through how their electricity is consumed, you also have an opportunity here to up sell a larger system or a battery option if you are able to influence their consumption behavior.

In summary this page should cover two things, the first is the system size and why you are proposing this system and the second is energy consumption and explaining how the consumption behavior will determine the financial benefits of the system.

Analysis Continued

More information to back up your proposal, here we discuss the power generation of the system based on it’s size, location and time of year. Explaining to your customer the solar production the system will generate is one thing, but explaining to them how this production amount is achieved will give your customer value as they are learning about the system and what impacts the production amount. You have an opportunity here to potentially sell a maintenance package on top of the system itself, where by educating your customer about the production of the panels and what can potentially constrain the system you can explain to them the importance of maintaining the system, to ensure they get the optimal results and longevity out of their system.

Typical energy use vs. solar production

This is a fantastic visual representation, to show your customers a glorious solar bell curve against their typical consumption pattern. Explaining that this graph shows what they will expect on average to gain from the system, will open the discussion to increase or decrease the size of the system based, again