Frequently Asked Questions

Here you’ll find the most commonly asked questions about PVsell and our answers to them

Q. What is PVsell?

A. PVsell is a solar PV sales tool designed to help solar businesses deliver professional, accurate proposals within minutes.

Q. How Does PVsell Help Solar Businesses

A. PVsell has a massive list of Killer Benefits. In short, PVsell gives solar businesses an easy way to manage all solar sales proposals and produce stunning, accurate, convincing proposals with ease. It also has in-built intelligence features which can help enhance sales success and many other very exciting features to give solar businesses more profit-making abilities.

Q. Is PVsell For Residential & Commercial Solar Sales?

A. Yes! PVsell can handle any solar PV project big or small, giving you the flexibility to decide what to include, as well as making recommendations when appropriate.

Q. How Does PVsell Predict Solar Savings?

A. PVsell has a very powerful engine which is designed to calculate figures with precision and accuracy. We work out solar savings by looking at all the available data we have. This will depend on what you enter into your project. For example, if you use one of our in-built load-profiles, then we will base our savings predications on that profile as well as highly advanced solar simulations specifically catering to your project location and design.

Q. How Does PVsell Handle Export?

A. Exported power is calculated based on the feed-in-tariff rates you have entered and our advanced PVsell solar savings engine. It’s the difference between what is produced by the solar system and what the end-user (your customer) consumes.

Q. How Does PVsell Treat Demand Savings?

A. Demand savings are taken into account by PVsell and will often not be very large savings. This is due to the nature of demand-based billing. PVsell will work out the old demand charges and compare them to the new demand charges based on the project load profile and solar simulation curves.

Q. Why Aren’t Demand Savings Very Large?

A. Demand is charged by most retailers based on the largest amount of power which was requested at any one time. Putting solar on will likely reduce this, but it’s very difficult to say by how much. For example, if your old demand was based on consumption of 40kWp at 12 noon and your new demand is based on 39kWp at 9pm, there will only be a saving of 1kWp in demand.

Q. How soon is my account active after payment?

A. If you pay using credit card or Paypal, your account is activated immediately. If you pay using direct deposit, your account will be activated as soon as we have manually verified receipt of funds.

Q. Can I cancel my subscription?

A. Certainly, you can cancel your subscription at any time. Just email us to request that we cancel your subscription.

Q. Can I get a refund?

A. You can obtain a full refund within 28 days of your first purchase of PVsell. Just email us to request a refund.


We always welcome your questions and/or feedback so that we can improve. Please contact us with any question you have which we haven’t answered here.

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