Easier, Intuitive, User-friendly, Proposals

Easier, Intuitive, User-friendly, Proposals, Quick.

Reasons they stopped:

  • Difficult to use
  • Not presentable***
  • Location constraints
  • Support wasn’t 100%
  • Not easy to tailor to market (residential/commercial)

Added features:

  • Residential/Commercial tailored
  • Enhanced Demand Reduction
  • Library Items – standalone for projects
  • All bills covered and easy to enter
  • Project templates
  • Support videos
  • Embedded help
  • Hotspots
  • Business finder
  • Inverter constraint
  • Batteries
  • Dumping excess energy (export limiting)
  • Extended array aspects


  • Appeal to wider market with tailored outputs
  • More accurate and easier to explain demand reduction to close the sale
  • Much quicker project completion using existing library items and your own
  • No guessing – accurate bill entry
  • Fast project creation with templates saves time
  • Highly organised help videos means faster, more convenient support saving you time
  • Embedded help gives on-the-spot answers to your questions
  • Additional marketing opportunities with embedded hotspots
  • Embedded business finder means more commercial opportunities
  • Option to overload inverter with highly accurate output
  • Sell batteries easily & communicate the KPIs of battery projects immediately
  • Export limiting calculations to convince astute buyers
  • Add up to 3 array orientations improving accuracy of calculations


Time savings translate to profits in business. PVsell will save you so much time. The average commercial proposal takes 6 hours. We bring this down to less than 15 minutes (and as little as 3 minutes).


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