How do I select the best-sized system for my customer?

How do I select the best-sized system for my customer?

One of the most common questions we receive at PVsell is “what is the best sized system for my customer?”

The answer is “it depends on what your customer’s primary motivation is”. Most customers are buying solar to reduce their electricity bill, but they also want to achieve a sensible financial outcome (fast payback) in doing so.

Of course, the first consideration is “how big is the customer’s roof”? (Obviously you can’t put a bigger system on than the roof can hold.)

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But typically its not the roof but the customer’s consumption profile that will customer’s roof won’t be constraint upon system size, which will be determined by the customer’s consumption profile.

Because solar electricity that is export to the grid has a much lower value than solar energy that is self-consumed, as you increase your system size beyond a certain point you’ll start to export more and more energy, and therefore have diminishing financial returns.

  • A small PV system will therefore have the quickest payback, but may not do much to reduce the customer’s electricity bill.
  • A large PV system on the other hand could reduce the electricity bill by a lot (if there’s a feed-in tariff), but will take longer to pay for itself.
  • Just like goldilocks you’re looking for the “Just Right” sized system, but that depends largely on what the customer’s financial objectives are.

So the answer to the question “what’s the best sized system for my customer” is actually another question: “what’s the longest payback you’re willing to accept?”

Once you know your customer’s fincancial goal, then you can give the customer the largest system size that will meet his payback/ROI goals.

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