PVsell’s Brilliant FREE Solar Panel Layout Tool

PVsell’s Brilliant FREE Solar Panel Layout Tool

About a year ago, a client came to me and said “I’m sick and tired of my current solar panel software. It forces me to lay panels out on the roof row-by-row, and even to get started I have to eyeball how many panels will fit in one row, and then numerically guess their orientation. It’s almost impossible to get the row-to-row spacing exactly right, and whenever I want to make a small adjustment, I have to fiddle with all the other rows – otherwise the image looks terrible, and scares the customer off.

Their current roof tool was obviously making them tear out their hair. They practically pleaded “Can you please build me a roof tool that can figure out the row length and orientation as I draw… or that will just automatically fill a roof with solar panels. And please make it easy to adjust my design without having to start over again. That would make my life so much less frustrating!

Since then we’ve been beavering away to create (what we think) is the world’s best roof layout tool. This video shows you what we’ve created. You can:

  1. Access a database of every solar panel used globally (or add your own)… with instant access to your favourite panels
  2. Access recent and historical high-resolution imagery from all the leading providers – starting from $0!
  3. Figure out on-the-fly (as you draw) the orientation and number of panels that will fit in a row… or automatically fill a roof surface
  4. Specify inter-row panel spacing, and adjust it easily
  5. Specify exclusion zones where you don’t want to place panels (e.g. where antennas, chimneys, skylights, or roof plant exists)
  6. Remove and restore individual panels
  7. Create walkways between panels every nth row and/or column
  8. Duplicate (copy and paste) entire arrays, and rotate them.
  9. Quickly swap between landscape or portrait mode
  10. Instantly change the panel orientation
  11. Specify the exact orientation of panels in a roof which has been automatically filled with panels
  12. Easily refine the bounding box of an autofilled array

People have already given us outstanding feedback for our new roof tool. Try it, and you’ll find it to be the quickest and the best roof tool for both residential and commercial solar layouts.

And what’s more, you can use our roof layout tool for free!


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