Why is it essential to enter all information off a bill?

Why is it essential to enter all information off a bill?

At PVsell, we believe its paramount that the information you put in front of your customers withstands the closest scrutiny.

The consequences of inaccurate calculations are huge:

  1. At best, you could lose all trust, and consequently lose the sale, especially if an accountant looks over your figures
  2. If you’ve overstated the dollar savings, your reputation could be ruined by an unhappy customer – so there goes your referral!
  3. At worst, you could be sued by someone who didn’t get the financial benefits you promised

Unfortunately we see too many companies mis-calculating benefits, often because they simply don’t understand the importance of accurate bill transcription. Common examples include:

  • Assuming all power produced attracts the peak tariff. Typically two-sevenths of solar production is on weekends, which are commonly off-peak
  • Incorrectly tallying the unbundled bills’ energy, network, ancilliary, and environmental charges
  • Overlooking the different Time-Of-Use times that can apply to Energy charges and to Network charges
  • (the #1 most common mistake is assuming that all solar power generated is self-consumed)

Fortunately PVsell’s unique interface is tailored to complex Australian commercial bills, and it encourages you to accurately enter all information from the bill.

Did you know you can even upload a bill and have PVsell enter your bill for you?

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