Approved Solar Retailer applications made easy

Approved Solar Retailer applications made easy

Applying for the CEC Approved Solar Retailer program doesn’t have to be a ball-breaker. I’m going to show you how you can satisfy the CEC Approved Solar Retailer requirements with PVsell.

There’s quite a bit to the Solar Retailer Code of Conduct Document. It covers Pre-sales Activities, Post-Sale Activities, Documentation, General Business & Obligations, (plus Code administration and a bit more). But applying for it is made easier by PVsell.

Here’s the PVsell output documents that satisfy those key clauses

To summarise what’s written in the next sections, here are the documents produced by PVsell that you need to satisfy the CEC Approved Solar Retailer Scheme:

  1. The System Summary Document – contains the system design and system specifications, plus system performance blurb
  2. The off-the-shelf (default) proposal – contains the savings blur, plus the system performance blurb. (Or use a customised proposal to stand out from the crowd)
  3. Quote – contains the itemised quote (or use your own, or integrate Xero with PVsell)


Of course, PVsell goes a lot further than this in helping you close the deal!

Here’s the clauses PVsell satisfies:

  • Clause 2.1.1: Any advertisements, promotions, quotations and statements produced must be legal, truthful, and comply with all relevant legislation.
  • Clause 2.1.1b: not provide any false or misleading claims relating to the company, product or services being offered including system performance, stocks and substitution of products;
  • Clause 2.1.1c: clearly attribute any claims relating to performance and savings to a reputable source
  • Clause 2.1.1f: not engage in any misleading or deceptive conduct in relation to the price, value or quality of goods or services including:
    • iv) misleading consumers about the impact that installing solar will have on their electricity bills;
  • 2.1.4 Consumers must be given a flyer describing this Code and also including:
  • 2.1.6 A written contract must be provided to the consumer that shows:
    • (a) an itemised list of the goods to be supplied;
    • (b) the total price of all goods and services;
    • (c) the total value of any discounts, STCs, Goods and Services Tax (GST) and rebates as applicable;
    • (d) full specifications of the system, including the manufacturer, model, quantity and power rating of the solar modules and the inverter/s;
    • (e) a site-specific full system design including the proposed roof plan (sketch or diagram is acceptable), orientation and tilt, expected efficiency losses due to shading, and the system’s site-specific estimated energy yield, i.e. average daily performance estimate in kilowatt hours (kWh) for each month of solar generation.
    • (g) The performance estimate must be based on data obtained from the CEC System Design Guidelines for Accredited Designers or other reputable source
    • (j) Full disclosure of all assumptions made in relation to systems and finance offerings including:
      • (i) system design, performance and output assumptions;
      • (ii) financial savings including STC financial incentives, savings relating to return on investment, income and energy prices;


Here’s how PVsell meets those key clauses, in detail

  • Around the solar industry, PVsell outputs are widely considered to be gospel. Certainly if you’re going to quote payback figures, PVsell is the ultimate source of truth. (Clause 2.1.1)
  • PVsell uses the international standard in system performance calculations. Its produced by the National Renewable Energy Laboratory, which is part of the USA government Department of Energy. (Clause 2.1.1b and Clause 2.1.6g)
  • Attribute claims relating to performance and savings to a reputable source: (2.1.1c and 2.1.6g)
    • Off-the-Shelf – with savings blurb: PVsell’s off-the-shelf proposals come with the blurbs you need. This document also satisfies Clause 2.1.6j: i & ii
    • Off-the-Shelf – without savings blurb: If you just create a roof layout and don’t calculate bill savings, PVsell’s system summary document contains the required solar performance blurb (this document also satisfies Clause 2.1.6d, 2.1.6e, and 2.1.6j:i).
    • Customised: PVsell’s proposal library contains CEC Approved Solar Retailer proposal content for you to insert into your proposals (also including the ASR Flyer required by clause 2.1.4 – see below)
  • PVsell is the most accurate calculator the impact solar will have on their electricity bills (Clause 2.1.1f (iv))
  • PVsell’s proposal library includes a copy of the ASR Flyers, both for consumers and businesses – as illustrated below (Clause 2.1.4)
    1. In the proposal tab, click ‘Load Proposal/Page’
    2. Change to the PVsell Templates Drive
    3. Click on the CEC Approved Solar Retailer content
    4. Click on ‘Load’ (making sure ‘append’ is selected)
  • PVsell includes an quote that is itemised, with total price and STC discount. (Clause 2.1.6 abc). This can be accessed in the system tab, or in the proposal tab, as illustrated below. It works best when entering a detailed system pricing breakdown.
  •  PVsell’s system summary document includes full specifications of the system and a site-specific full system design (Clauses (Clause 2.1.6d &  2.1.6e), and full disclosure of all assumptions in relation to design performance and output (Clause 2.1.6j:i). Here’s where to find it:
    1. From any tab, click the ‘Download Assets’ button.
    2. Click the ‘Download Site Results’ button.
    3. Open the zip file and then open the MS Word System Summary Document.


We’ll be adding more content in coming days to make life even easier and better for you!

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