Killer Benefits

Compelling proposals, Enhance your professionalism, Reduce turnaround time on sales enquiries, Maximize profitability, More customers, Easy to use, Accurate and Business integrated.


Compelling Proposals


Create and tailor proposal templates, which you can quickly re-use to save time.

Pick & Mix

Pick and choose elements that demonstrate how you best meet your customers' needs.

Cover Letter to Product Literature

Impressive proposals with sophisiticated communcation. Bind and email complete proposals from cover letter to quote to financials to product literature.


Many consumption profiles are pre-loaded so you can turn around proposals in minutes. Create tailored proposals for infinite re-use, and build your own libraries of components.

Speak your customers’ language

Communicate in the language customers understand: Bill Savings and Return On Investment

Enhance your Professionalism

Build Trust

Build customers' trust by answering their questions instantly, while they watch.

Convince the Bean Counters

Demonstrate professionalism and build trust by showing the inner workings of PVsell, including an accountant's cross check page

Increase Customer Satisfaction & Referrals

Demonstrate professionalism and build trust by showing the inner workings of PVsell, including an accountant's cross check page

Library of Sophisticated Graphs

Sophisticated graphical library for you to pick-and-choose compelling financial charts that best address you customer's purchasing motivations

Brand Proposals as your Own

Brand your proposals, create and re-use stylish templates, and choose the graphs that best address your customer's motivations.

Reduce Turnaround Time on Sales Enquiries

Library of Consumption Profiles

Access our growing library of consumption profiles rather than waiting weeks for metering data. Gets better with age!

Complex Calculations, Fast

Perform complex financial calculations in less than 60 seconds.

Head Start Templates

Quickly make a tailored proposal for your customer using in-built and customizable templates.

Easy to Use

Bridge the Gulf between you and your Customer

PVsell acts as the bridge between the electricty industry you understand and the universe your customer understands.

Handle Complexity with Ease

Easy to learn software handles all the compexities you encounter, from demand charges to export to TOU tariffs to tax.

What-if Analysis

Compare project options to identify the best solution for your customer.

Ditch your Spreadsheets

Don't get lost in spreadsheets. PVsell is cloud based and easy to use.

Automated Calculations

Automatically calculated STCs etc. Plus configurable overrides, editable company defaults.

Brilliant Support

Introductory tutorial, on screen help, context sensitive searchable online manual, plus phone and ticket-based support.


Lifetime Accuracy

Lifetime financial calculation accounting for panel degradation, rising electricity price rises, certificate prices, ongoing maintenance, inverter replacement.

Hourly Accuracy

Hourly energy balance accounting for location, panel, aspect, shade,temperature and consumption.

Annual Accuracy

Annual financial calculation accounting for export, peak demand, tariffs that vary with time/consumption, and changes in tariffs.

Business Integrated

API for Deeper Integration

Send inputs and results to and from other software you use

Get Leads Direct

List yourself as a PVsell user, and promote yourself with your tailored PVsell profile page.


In built mini-CRM or connect your CRM with our API

What's In Store?

PVsell has many new features we’re adding all the time! Here are a few exciting features we’re working on right now…

Intelligent feedback

Discover which PVsell charts and proposal templates are most effective in closing sales.

Customer interactivity that sticks

Provide your customers with an interactive customer results page within your website, putting your brand in front of them for longer.

Increase urgency, close in your sleep

Your interactive results portal features configurable urgency-creation devices to help secure buy-in from your customer.

Drop time-wasting tyre kickers

Identify whether its worth proceeding further with a customer in your first question.

Profit maximising pricing

Find the maximum you can charge while still bettering your customer's payback goal. Identify the price the maximises the profitability conversion formula.

System price guides

Compare your price to the market's price using PVsell's advanced solar market analysis engine to see where your pricing stands.

Finance applications

Offer your customers a better deal on their black electricity and feed-in tarrif, and apply for finance.

Sticky customer interactivity

Embed an interactive customer results portal in your website and configure to increase the sense of urgency for your sale. Get instant feedback from your customers, and close sales.

Website integrations

Calculate ROI on your website and capture customer enquiry data direct into PVsell. Upload case studies on successful projects.

Intelligence upgrades

Tender Announcements. Get notified of Hot Spots to Target. Residential Client Contact List & Top Business Locations & Targets.

Taxman accuracy

Tax calculation accounting for depreciation, company/income tax, GST, and loan/lease repayments.

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