11 Reasons Your Business Needs PVsell More Than Ever

Selling PV isn’t like it used to be. PVsell gives your business the critical tools needed to truly succeed in today's industry. Here's how we've revamped PVsell to be better than ever!


PVsell used to be an awesome, indespensible tool for PV businesses. And the new version is even more so!

The (old) PVsell legacy – screenshot of project outputs:

We understand that the old version wasn’t perfect. It had some flaws. For example:

  • It wasn’t “user-friendly” and some people found it difficult to use
  • Not presentable – The outputs didn’t always reflect what you wanted to show a potential customer
  • Location constraints – Some users found it a burden to have locations restricted
  • Support wasn’t 100% – We did our best but didn’t have the resources to provide a fully-fledged, excellent support system.
  • Not easy to tailor to markets (residential/commercial). Since the outputs were fixed, it wasn’t easy to get the outputs that were right for you target audience.

GOOD NEWS: We’ve fixed all of the above!

The (new) PVsell  – screenshot of project outputs:

Here are some features we added to the new version of PVsell:

  • Residential/Commercial tailored – you can speak the exact words your customer wants to hear… Easily!
  • Enhanced Demand Reduction – We’ve improved our demand reduction calculations
  • Library Items – standalone for projects. This means your experience is MUCH more aligned with what you’d expect when building projects.
  • Bills even easier to enter than before.
  • Project templates make it far less time-consuming
  • Support videos give you visual help straight away.
  • Embedded help makes it easy to understand the entire interface straight away
  • Hotspots helps you find hot areas to target your marketing efforts
  • Business finder helps you find hot commercial prospects
  • Inverter constraint means better accuracy when overloading systems
  • Batteries! Sell batteries easily!
  • Dumping excess energy (export limiting) – at the click of a button
  • Extended array aspects makes for more accurate projects

In summary we’ve added features to simplify the experience while allowing more flexibility!


11 Reasons To Get PVsell Now:

  1. Incorporate ROI results into a 100% tailored proposal!
  2. Customer-customised proposal with 2 clicks!
  3. Create a project from scratch to proposal in less than 3 MINUTES!
  4. Drastically improved visual presentation of key financial concepts.
  5. Uploading meter data is much much easier… Much easier!
  6. Visually select consumption profiles – no more guesswork!
  7. Create a new project in one single flow – no more switching between systems and projects!
  8. We’ve ditched the complexity – version 2 is EASY TO USE
  9. Intuitive design – means you spend LESS TIME figuring out how things work.
  10. Easy help (video/manuals/tickets) is always available!
  11. Give your business the EDGE when it comes to selling PV! You’ll also enjoy access to our exclusive solar hot spots from inside PVsell PLUS a one-of-a-kind business finder tool to help you target more commercial businesses who are ready to go!


The above 11 reasons should give you PLENTY of motivation to subscribe right now… But just in case you needed something else, you should know:

First of all, here are 10 More Resons To Get PVsell right now (limited offer – valid until September 5 Only)

Your 10% discount coupon:


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PVsell will be rapidly evolving into an “even-more-ultimate” tool for solar installers. PVsell will soon include:

  • Battery integration (ALREADY INCLUDED!)
  • International expansion
  • Automated system-suggestion for your customer
  • Integrated intelligence to help boost your sales
  • Conversion aids through intelligent feedback
  • Salesperson performance reports to help you optimise
  • “Rapid-fire” proposal production in just a few seconds!
  • Many more exciting features to come: Our goal is to make PVsell not only a financial proposal software, but an all-in-one sales solution to boost your profits as high as possible and optimise your business so you achieve better conversion rates, higher sales and spend less time on tedious tasks, and more time winning projects!

It’s no wonder so many of our clients consider PVsell to be an essential part of their business. Your competitors don’t want you to have access to this!


Legacy user... where has my PVsell moved to?