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PVsell Features

Accurate Calculations

PVsell is the most accurate solar software available anywhere

Compelling Proposals

Impressive proposals with sophisticated graphical communication.

Configurable Output

Tailored proposals with reusable content.

Financing & Retail Offer Switching

Offer your customers a better deal on their electricity and feed-in-tariff and apply for finance.
(Coming Soon)

What-if Analysis

Compare project options to identify the best solution for your customers. (Coming Soon)

Customer Management

In-built mini-CRM or connect your own CRM. (Coming Soon)

Killer Benefits

Customer Interactivity that Sticks

Provide your customers with an interactive customer results page within your website, putting your brand in front of them for longer (coming soon)

Convince the Bean Counters

Demonstrate professionalism and build trust by showing the inner workings of PVsell, including an accountant's cross check page

API for deeper integration

Send inputs and results to and from other software you use


In built mini-CRM or connect your CRM with our API

Learn from your Hidden Talent

Identify which sales people are your most successful converters and most profitable performers. (coming soon)

Track your business activity

Track sales activity, volume revenue and profitability by company, salesperson and stage in the pipeline. (coming soon)

Taxman Accuracy

Tax calculation accounting for depreciation, company/income tax, GST, and loan/lease repayments. (Coming Soon)

Lifetime Accuracy

Lifetime financial calculation accounting for panel degradation, rising electricity price rises, certificate prices, ongoing maintenance, inverter replacement.

Annual Accuracy

Annual financial calculation accounting for export, peak demand, tariffs that vary with time/consumption, and changes in tariffs.

What Customers Say

Last week we sold a 200 kW hybrid system (220kWH usable battery storage at 40% DOD (gel-acid) + LED lighting etc) for a school spending 120k PA on power and another 100 kWP (3rd this month). All thanks to PVSELL :)

We have turned over millions off the back of that software. Thanks for putting together such a good product.

Jack Hooper

Gem Energy Australia

I have been using PVsell now for several years and have found it both accurate and easy to use.  It also has enough information if discussions are being held with company accountants, who look for more [in-depth] information. Being able to use the additional graphs and datasheets in individual proposals adds to the benefits of using PVsell.  PVsell also has the benefit of FAQ’s or the online technical support if required .

Chris Harvey


In terms of building the business case for commercial solar, PVsell is second to none. My colleagues and I use PVsell extensively to determine the most appropriate sized solar system based on a site’s electricity consumption.  The cost/benefit outcome is then used to build the business case that supports our market offers. I’m eagerly waiting the next iteration of this tool and the increased functionality this will provide. Keep up the good work guys!

Chad Floyd

AGL Solar

I would just like to say a big thank you for a really informative and stimulating presentation and discussion.  This was really well received by our group and I am sure will continue to stimulate much discussion.

Jenni Harrison

Planet Power

PV Sell is a fantastic tool for any PV designer. It has helped us to manage our commercial projects and provide quotations and estimations quickly but most importantly accurately, I would highly recommend them

Andy Leadbeater

Solar Australia

I don’t know what you did,  but for me PVSell is now faster than ever before. Confirmed a sale of a 90kWp system on a University College this week on the back of PV Sell analysis!

Geoff Bragg

SEIA NSW Chair and New England Solar Power

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